Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't "Badger" me...

Well, it's been a doozy of a week since Jerry has been out of town. Two named workouts and a Painstorm. Dang. Today, we hit Badger. I've been itching to have a shot at my 30 chins and today was a good day to try, because Badger involves sets of 30 chins. :P Imagine that. So anyway, Badger fun looks like this...

3 rounds for time
30 chins
30 hang squat cleans
800 meter run

Looking at the board, people brought this in today anywhere from the insane time of 29 minutes, up to 60 minutes. I seemed to fall right in the middle of things today. Let me just tell you, I tried to PR the chins on my first set out. I got to 19 today and that was it. I just didn't have any gas in the tank. I've never felt pressure before when doing a PR, and today I was nervous. Anxious even. I knew the second I grabbed the bar that it wasn't going to come. I wasn't relaxed. I was really tense and the longer I tried to stretch my kip, the more tired I became. I think it's a really important lesson for me that I need to remember. Hitting three PR's in a week and a half is pretty damned near impossible, well, on the same exercise anyway. I also think that perhaps had it been early in the morning, I may have had a little bit better of a showing. I've really noticed this week that there is a definite difference in how I feel late in the afternoon/evening and I don't feel as strong or confident that late in the day. I don't know if it's just because I've exerted a lot of energy to get through the day or what, but I've felt off this week. Not to mention, it was just hot as balls today. I mean, dang. It was like 90 with 100% humidity. Running today SUCKED!

But anyway, back to Badger. Aside from the really craptastic running, the rest of this didn't feel too bad. Even with the deplorable runs, I still hacked 2 minutes off my previous Badger time. I brought this one in in 42:26. My last run at Badger was over 44 minutes. So, not a steller week in the Blue Room. I mean, I did drop time on two benchmark workouts, but I lost my chin record (sob) to Stacey (As if I didn't know that was coming!) :P and in general, the week just didn't feel good. I felt weak. Does that make sense? You know how sometimes a workout just clicks and you feel solid on the movements? That wasn't me this week. I got through them, but it just didn't feel good. So hopefully, next week things will be better when I get back to my normal routine. Nothing against the 5 o'clockers, but I need my 0600 team. "They're my boys Blue!!!"

Now... stop "Badgering" me... tehehehe... I love all the corny ways I can use that word... :)


Kurt T. Fuller said...

A PR is a PR. Nice work!

I'm certain that a change in the WO schedule has significant impact. I workout in the evenings and couldn't imagine CF'ing @ 0600.



Cara said...

Thanks for the tip for embedding a video!