Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Diane is another tough, tough lady. We did this WOD once before and Danny was the only member of CFOT to go Rx'd on this. Today 3 more people joined him, and they are all tough cookies. I'm still struggling with the HSPU's on this one, so I can't quite go RX'd but we did things a bit differntly today, so hopefully I'll be getting these soon.


Weight 150

Time 13:37

This WOD felt good. Deadlifts have been such a bear for me lately, and I'm thinking back to last week when deadlifts with 155 were enough to frustrate me nearly to the point of tears mid-workout. I was so frustrated. It felt so heavy and I was rounding so badly! Today 150 didnt' feel "light" but it felt much lighter than it did last week.

The HSPU's I'm still not at a full range of motion with. So today, Jerry told us to put abmats or if we still couldn't hit the abmat, to put the abmat plus weight. I think for me, this is key because it gives me a barrier and I know if it's becoming easy for me to hit the barrier, it's time to go down to a smaller barrier and eventually to the floor. BW exercises are a problem for me but I just need to keep working them. I'm hoping to get a HSPU soon. You know, now that I've officially had my blog for a year, I've been going back and looking at my posts from last year. I found all my goals from last January. Have a look...

1. Post a sub 10 minute pro level Fran
2. Hit 20 chins on the max test
3. Hit 5 hand stand push-ups *with the standard of head to floor*
4. Hit 10 push ups *after form modification, but with the standard of nose, chest hips to the floor*

Now, clearly, I haven't mastered number 3, but I've blown the rest of those out of the water. Sub 10 minute Fran? Well, Crap. I should have put sub 7 minute Fran. :) LOL.... Time to start thinking about new goals I guess. The new place gives lots of opportunities to push my fitness even farther. How far can I go?

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Cara said...

That's awesome how well you've hit your goals!