Friday, January 23, 2009

The LAST WOD in the Blue Room... *tear*

So, today was the LAST official workout in the Blue Room of pain. *tear* I'm going to miss the place. I know it sounds sort of campy and cheesy, but I'm really going to miss the Blue Room. For a little over a year and a half now, I've been all but living in that CF room. I've sweated there (a TON!), bled there (a little), cried there (once or twice), made friends there, got my first pull-ups there, hit numerous PR's there, learned so much about myself, my workouts, and life in general there, it's kind of sad to let it go. But, we're going to get some AWESOME new digs and I'm totally stoked about that (especially since there will be a shower at the new digs and I can totally skip that whole driving home and showering step of my morning! WOOOOT! That will help me big time. It will also help because Jerry is going to have later classes in the evenings, so if I really for serious can't get out of bed at 0430, I can hit a later one, which right now is hard to do.

But, enough of the sentimentalizing (yeah, I just made that word up) Today's workout was the fair Gwen. It's so funny, you know, I curse out Fran and Cindy and Angie, but I heart fair Gwen. LOL. Anyhoo, fair Gwen looks like this.

Clean and jerk
No regrip
Touch and go only
Rest as needed

Load 80lbs

We didn't put clocks on ourselves for this one, which was a switch. I'm really getting used to racing the clock, so not doing that starts to feel funny. Form on cleans has slid downhill a little, so I was trying to focus on getting that back. Jerry said I had a couple solid and efficient cleans, so I need to find those few and keep focusing and dialing in on that. It felt good to dial down to some lower weight. I think I've been really focused on being super heavy lately, so being lighter felt good.

Sunday our WOD is moving for time, so I'm sure I'll get some heavy lifting in. I can't wait to get together with some of my bestests and really make Jerry's dream of having his own box a reality. It's going to be awesome and I can't wait. :)

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Cara said...

I love this post Katie :-)