Monday, January 26, 2009

Welcome home CFOT: moving for time, our innaugural WOD, and finally being a family...

You know, you'd think by now, I'd know how to spell inauguration, but I'm not sure if that's right, and to be honest, I'm too lazy right now to go look it up. :P This weekend, oh boy, this weeekend. This weekend was a flurry of moving, cleaning, unpacking, and working all to get ready for this day. Yesterday members of CFOT gathered to move all of our equipment into our new space so classes could begin. Today was a very special day for Jerry and all the members of CFOT. Today was our very FIRST workout in our new home. I will always and forever hold the Blue Room in my heart as a very special place, but getting into our new digs today was one of the greatest feelings ever. Forgive me for a moment while I wax sentimental.

See here's the thing. Every family has a place to come "home" too. There is always one central meeting location that they can call their own, and call their "home". Being in the Blue Room, yes, we had a central meeting location, but it wasn't ours. It wasn't something that belonged to Jerry and the members of the CFOT family. Jeremy and Capital Jiu Jitsu were wonderful but there's something about having your own space. Jerry has long had a dream of having his own place and today Jerry's dream of having his own space was finally made possible after months of stress, agony, sleepless nights, delayed permits, phone calls, emails, money, and blood, sweat, and tears. Today, after years and months of waiting, CFOT came home.

Today, one man's dream suddenly became a reality, and new goals and new dreams began to take shape. With more classes, more time, more equipment, more space, what is now possible for all the athletes of CFOT? CFOT came home today, and a new chapter has begun for all of us. I think Jerry's wife and daughters said it best on the sign they left for the AM crews. It simply said, "Welcome home CFOT." What a homecoming it was. The 0530 crew was larger than most as of late, and team 0600 was sporting at least 13 regulars with 3 new members to boot. I heard someone else echo my sentiments this morning when they said, "It finally feels like we're a family. We have a home." We do, and a beautiful, spacious one, with lots of toys, at that.

Here's to many more WOD's at 805 North Royal. Let's hope they're not all as nasty as the first. :)

Innaugural WOD
"Royal Row"
805 M row
30 thrusters (65 lbs)
30 jumping slamballs (15 lbs)
805 M row
30 hang clean to push press (65 lbs)
30 box jumps
805 M row
30 KB swings (45 lbs)
30 burpees

Time 32:57

I would just like to state for the record that it was probably :30 faster. See, I had my C-2 all set, and just as Jerry said 3-2-1.... wouldn't you know, my screen went blank. Curses... :P And PS, just in case you were wondering, this was a metcon nightmare.


Jerry Hill said...

You brought tears to me eyes...
Thanks for your wonderful post and recap.
Thanks for your help and thoughtfulness during the move...and for making things click today.
I am so grateful!


Katie said...

No problem Jerry. I'm just happy to be one small screw in the machinery that made this whole thing happen. That was a great first workout and I'm looking forward to many, many more! :)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

excellent WOD for the new premises.

I hope Jerry bought new puke buckets!

Well done to Y'all.

Katie said...

Steve I really did almost meet Pukie... it was close there for a hot minute. :P

Angela said...

That is so awesome!
Congrats to everyone at CF OT! And great job surviving that W.O... That one would of killed me :)

Cara said...

Lovely post Katie - I couldn't say it nearly as well as you. Lol - on my blog, I may just link to you and say "ditto"!

I brought this one in at around 40min... ick... no more pizza and ice cream for me!