Monday, January 12, 2009

Sunday's squatcleanalicious metcon....

So, last week I was out with the craptastic bubonic plague that just STILL had not gone away. Seeing as how I've been sick since Thanksgiving, I decided that the best idea for me was to take a few days off, or at least at a reduced pace, and get some rest. So I slept a lot last week, watched a LOT of Burn Notice (or rather, woke up and hit play before falling back asleep) and took some time off CF. I finally hit the Blue Room again on Sunday. I chose QUITE the day to get back into the mix. Jerry's been giving us some SERIOUS metcon ninja work and Sunday was no exception. The squatcleanalicious work looked like this...

For time
800 M run
50 Hang squat cleans
800 M run

Now, Jerry didn't prescribe a load for this, but suggested that I go a load below my Grace challenge weight. Well my Grace Challenge weight is 100 lbs, and the next load down is 85. So I loaded up the bar to 85 and thought, wow, this seems really heavy. But, if you are a long time reader, ok, or ever a semi-regular reader, you know I have a whole stubborness problem going on. I'm a bit bull headed. :P So, even though I thought it felt heavy, I refused to drop down. Stupid, stupid, stupid... my first 800 was slow... and I was behind everyone on the cleans, but I busted through sets of 3 and caught up pretty quickly. But around about rep 17 I thought I was going to die. I hurt so bad, I had no idea how I was going to make it through all 50. It was wicked bad. But I kept eeking these out in two's and three's, and eventually wound up at 50. My total time for this workout was 19:48. Not too bad, but I hurt like hell. Walking after this was not so easy. :(

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