Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's metcon mayhem...

Oh my God, I couldn't walk today. That squatcleanalicious metcon kicked my ever loving backside. I was walking all sorts of crazy and couldn't bend over to do a darned thing. I guess maybe I should have eased back into things huh? Well you know what they say about that whole hindsight thing... :P

Anyhoo, I didn't get up in the AM cause I just couldn't, but I took some CF clothes with me in hopes that I might be able to make it in time for the 500 class after swim team, if the workout wasn't too leg heavy. I left practice at 430 and made it to CF just a hair late. So, the clock was already running by the time I hit the room but it didn't look too bad. The fun looked like this...

3 rounds for time
350 meter row
30 abmats
25 KB swings
15 burpees

Now, I had emailed Jerry in the am to ask about the workout because I didn't want to bust my butt to get to the PM class if I wasn't going to be able to do it. Miraculously, the numbers that he gave me had been changed when I got to the Blue Room... hhhhmmmmmmmm... :P Freakin' Andrea... :P LOL... It was cool though. My total time was 18:14, but I know it was faster than that because I had to wait on the rowers each time, but it's cool. I still busted my ass and went in despite the legs. It was good to get some of the tightness and the soreness out. I think it really helped me go in today and do that, so even though it totally sucked... I'm not a metcon ninja remember... I'm glad I went. Woot.

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