Friday, January 2, 2009

Tuesday's Marathon...

So, being on vacation has been great for a lot of reasons. One, I get to catch up on my sleep, two, I get to visit with friends and hang out, three I get to CrossFit all the days that I want! :) Well, I got up on Tuesday attempting to go to the 0730 class only to find out, no more 730! Whoops! It was ok though because there was a 500class that I could come back for. So, I putzed around for much of the day, got me some late Christmas presents at REI (fuzzy bunny coat and fleecy pants are the BEST!!!) then headed off to go coach before hitting CF at 500.

Now, we've discussed (or rather, I've discussed and you've read) my weaknesses as a CF'er. Weaknesses are metcon and hammy/leg strength. Let me tell you, that this week Jerry has had some doozies up his sleeve. I had to work Wednesday morning and wasn't going to be able to CF, but after seeing what he had in store on Tuesday, I was glad about that. Here's what the "marathon" looked like.

3 rounds for time
800 M run
50 KB swings (36lbs)
40 Push-ups
30 Box jumps
20 Chins

Time 51:35

Seriously, I'm not a metcon ninja. But after the extra work I did on Monday (burpees and chins) I was totally not a metcon ninja. The push-ups nearly killed me. They alone probably took me about 10 minutes. But, the good news is, I think my arm strength is improving. Bad knews is, my chins are getting way worse. Largely in part I think to my weight gain. Yeah, ok, it's the holidays and everyone gains weight, but seriously, I've gained almost 5 lbs of what I lost back, and that's frustrating. It means more to move, more to pull, more to carry in general. So, seriously, back on the zone it is. No, seriously.... seriously this time... no fakin'. Starting Monday... when the routine returns, so will my Zone. Time to get busy. (Not like you guys are pervs! :P )

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