Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday's clean and jerk ladder...

So we all know that I am a rather large fan, ok ok fine, a HUGE fan of strength work. Sunday's smoker was definitely a good load of strength work. It looks deceiving. God, how often do we say that? But a clean and jerk ladder, seriously, ouch dude.

Ladders go a little something like this....

1 clean and jerk the first minute
2 clean and jerks the second minute
3 clean and jerks the third minute
and so on until you can't make the rep count

The women's weight for this was 85 lbs. The men's weight was 135 lbs. I really should have warmed up more because 85 lbs felt incredibly heavy. I felt weak and just out of whack, well for me anyway. 85 lbs is nowhere near close to my max but it felt really heavy on Sunday. This workout really is a doozy because not only is it a strength workout with the cleans, but it's also metcon since you're doing it on the clock. The combination, kind of like Fran, just leaves you feeling fried and wanting to die. Well, ok, maybe I'm the only one that feels that way.... but it left me wanting to die. :P

I made it up through 8 rounds and then had 8 reps of the 9th minute. SO CLOSE! Stacey hit 11 rounds on this. That girl is just a freakin' metcon/strength ninja. Seriously... I have no clue what it would take to actually beat Stacey at something. Something that is superhuman clearly.

Since I didn't do so well on my 85lbs, I dropped the weight to 65lbs and focused on some form tweaks that Chris noticed while I was working. I go really wide Chris said and am wasting a huge amount of energy. So, with 65lbs on the bar, I stayed tighter and didn't go out quite so wide, and really focused on making things more efficient. With 65 lbs I was able to get up through 10. I was completely fried and had shakey leg syndrom afterwards, but it was good to get that extra work in.

This workout is a great smoker and comes with my money back guarantee. You know the one that promises you'll be sweaty and lying on the floor afterwards. :) Enjoy! :P

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