Thursday, January 22, 2009

Onion Skin

The days in the Blue Room are numbered. Tear... :( We did our last Onion Skin workout on the swinging bars. Man, I'm going to miss them. :( Ah, but no reason to be sentimental, we're moving into our brand new home on Monday! Woot! :) I can't wait. Fixed bars, tires to flip, climbing ropes... ah... the possibilities are endless... :) Sunday's WOD will be moving for time, but yesterday's fun looked like this...

Onion Skin

2:30 to do max effort
Strict press (65lbs)

This workout was rough. I was still sore from doing 120 burpees and 90 pull-ups on Monday and trying to bang out max effort chins and strict presses was challenging. I feel like I'm definitely on a back swing these days. Jerry always says that you have to go back before you go forward, like a ratchet, and I hope that's true. My eating has fallen off completely and I'm trying to get back on track, but it's challenging. I'm still getting in the room, which really is half the battle, but I'd like to start to get back on track soon. I know that will start to happen when swimming ends and I have more time to devote to school and diet, and I'm not cramming things in where I can. I really can't wait for the next three-four weeks to wrap up. Really. I can't.

I can't wait to end swimming, get into the new place and start slowing down the pace of my life... things are going to start to get better. I just have to be patient... uh... unfortunately they do not sell cans of that at Tar-zhay. :P Ruh roh. :P


Jen said...

In all of the hundreds of dollars I've spent at Target (2 bags = $100.. how??), I'm sure at some point I've purchased a can or two of patience. No? Hmm..

The new digs and new toys sound awesome, and I like Jerry's saying of going back before you go forward. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things since Xmas and want to be where I was at post-break NOW, but am realizing that's not gonna happen without slowly working my way back to that level of form and fitness. In due time, everything will start to get better. You're on the right track.

Katie said...

I hope so Jen. I hope you're getting back on track too. I think it's one of my major person faults that I want things to be done and I want them to be done NOW. I want to be uber strong, and I want it NOW. I want to be uber fast and I want it NOW. When setbacks occur, IE life, holidays, bad eating... it gets me feeling all out of sorts and I don't do so well with the NOW thing.

I know what you mean about Tar-zhay though. I go in for 4 things and 25 things and $100 later walk out. It's all WTF mate?