Monday, December 22, 2008

2 circuit smoker...

So today was one of those days where Jerry gives us two shorter circuits to smoke us. I haven't really hit metcon much lately, just because of when I've been in due to scheduling issues, so it was good to get some good metcon in. Our first little circuit was a doozy, and I was a little nervous about the weight once I saw it.

Circuit #1
Deadlifts (145lbs)
TGU (25lbs)

Total time: 15:30

I was worried about this weight because this is the weight that I hit on Diane (15-12-9) when I royally messed up my back. I woke up in extreme amounts of pain that next day... So when I saw 145 I sort of himmed and hawwed and was going to go below, but once I warmed up I felt ok. I know I rounded a little bit during the circuit but it wasn't nearly as bad as two Fridays ago. I was able to fly pretty quickly through the TGUs and actually felt pretty good about this one today. I didn't rest much. There was a little resting though... so overall this one wasn't too bad.

Then I took a gander at circuit #2. I was running low on time, but lately I haven't been doing the extra or feeling extra crazy, so I really wanted to finish both circuits today. So I dove into circuit #2 after a little bit of a breather.

Circuit #2
20 box jumps
40 ab mats

Total time:13:56

Talk about weak core muscles. Hokey pat! The box jumps were a little slow because of the deads and the front squats yesterday, as well as the jumping lunges... but the ab mats were what killed my time. Seriously. I sucked up the place on the ab mats. I really need to start doing more extra work and get down the ab mat at the end for some quick finishers. Wow... my core muscles are getting weeeeeeeeeak. It may be all the holiday eating too... I'm just sayin'...I'll own it. :P Ah... Jerry assured us tomorrow will be a doozy. I'm wondering if it's going to be the 12 days of Christmas... oh god if it is... I will be hurting tomorrow....

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