Sunday, December 28, 2008

Friday's workout: Lucky 7's

So, in case you were worried that I have been lazy over the holidays this week, I just want to tell you to rest your weary soul, because I have not been. I know you were probably really worried, and you were all atwitter... yup... don't worry. I've worked out this week. :P

I don't know about anyone else, but lately I have been feeling especially fat and sluggish. I was determined, and I mean DETERMINED to get some workouts in this week. After all the food that's been put in front of me... good lord I needed some CF time. So on Thursday my sis and I headed out to the new YMCA that's been built near our house. The free weight room was really small. I was thinking about doing Angie since that was Thursday's WOD, but I tried to do a pull-up on their pull-up bar and thought that 100 on that apparatus just was not going to happen. So, I started thinking about things I hadn't done in awhile, and what I could do in that limited space. So, I came up with Lucky 7's... here's how it goes...

7 front squats
7 snatches
7 burpees

Time: 21:00

Ok, I really wanted a good metcon burner and this little circuit seemed like it was going to be. I started with 95 lbs on the front squats and after three rounds had to drop down to 65. I was over ambitious for the day after Christmas, and I hadn't warmed up nearly enough for that. Snatches felt good with 25lbs, butI need to be very careful. I noticed I was starting to go too far back in the active shoulder position so I need to work on keeping my arm in line with my ear and not further back. In a metcon situation, it's very easy to aim for speed and forget that.

The front squats on this really sucked, but the burpees and snatches felt pretty good. I did noticed a huge difference though in wearing shoes. When the money is right, I really need to get a good pair of lifting shoes. Running shoes aim to correct your arches etc for running, not lifting and it definitely f's with my squat form. I really wanted to kick off my shoes but didn't want to get in trouble.

But anyhoo, this one is a good little smoker... I'm not happy about the front squat weight, but aside from that things felt ok. Globo gym is never an ideal place for a workout... no one to work with, or push you... being alone is wicked hard.... I really commend the people who do CF on their own all the time. It would drive me insane. As would what happened with the dudes in the corner.

Mind you, I know how much I can lift. I know I can throw around some serious weight. I hit my 140 clean and jerk the other week, THAT to me is a little crazy. But no no, these dudes were standing in the free weight room watching me walk back and forth between the front squats, snatches, and burpees. I do believe I heard something to the affect of "What is this chick doing. She's totally NUTS!" Ok, seriously? Lucky sevens is nuts? Thank god I didn't do something you know like, oh Murph, or Fran, or Cindy, or Angie... those are more on par with being nuts... idiots... complete idiots... good job guys, keep doing your bicep curls... idiots... cause bicep curls and shoulder shrugs are going to get you far... GOOD WORK... idiots...

I don't like being called crazy all the time... sort of makes me feel like the crazy cat lady and I know I'm not THAT bad... but seriously, if Lucky 7's is crazy... I'll take crazy over not having a neck because I've done too many shoulder shrugs any day of the week. Stupid globo gymers... ooooh something different than what we do... it must be crazy... if only they knew... morons...

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