Friday, December 5, 2008

As psycho as you want to be...

So, as psycho as you want to be... huh. Now there's an interesting idea. LOL. Today's workout was just F-U-N fun... ok, so I'm lying through my teeth, but you know... fun is all relative people! :P So anyhoo, today's workout looked a little something like this. I know it's a wee bit confusing, but try to hang with me. :)

AMRAYWTD (As Many Rounds As You Want To Do)
6:00 on the clock
Run 400 Meters
Finish the remaining time of the 6:00 with AMRAP of one of the following exercises
Box Jumps
Push ups
Walking Lunges
Muscle Ups
KB Swings
And there was one more but I forget what it was...

So anyhoo, I didn't suck wind on this too badly actually... until the fourth round. I did box jumps (40) push ups (41) and then chins (33) and the chins just wiped the mat with me. I was smoked. So the last round when I ran and then did walking lunges just sucked. I felt the bubonic plague taking it out of me and called it after 4 rounds. So I guess I'm only moderately psycho? :P Maybe if we do this again I'll be completely psycho... but I'll have to go with jumping muscle ups...


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I like this WOD!

It sounds horrific which is always a good sign.

Katie said...

lol... you must love pain... LOL