Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2 swim caps and 3,000 yards later...

So after being a guinea pig, my shoulders were not happy with me AT ALL. So I intentionally took a CF rest day yesterday. No amount of coersion was going to get me out of bed to do more push-ups. Nuh uh. So, I decided that, well since I'm at the pool anyway, I may as well swim. I would just like to state for the record that I have not been in the pool in any sort of workout situation in over a year. I stopped swimming masters last fall because I fell in love with CF. We had to break up. (I hear that the masters is doing just fine in case you're worried). Anyhoo, I had a sort of rotten day yesterday and so I decided to hit the water hard and punish myself pretty good. However, my equipment was lacking and I destroyed two swim caps before I got into the water... dang it. Anyhoo, despite not being in the water for over a year, I felt solid. Although, when I got out, my old master's coach told me that I was sloppy and messy and choppy. Hmmm... I felt good then got a nice cold bath of reality. Thanks, coach. But, I got some good metcon in and in just over an hour hit 3,000 yards. To do that without being in the water should tell you something about how well CrossFit really crosses across sports. Dare I say that my traps felt a little weak? (Jerry is now going to put ring dips in every workout next week... crap) But aside from that, I felt strong even if my old coach did tell me it looked like crap. (I think he was partially kidding because he's trying to goad me back into joining masters again. As it so happens, my old coach from my masters team is my head coach for the team I coach with..... hmmmmm.... Jedi mind games perhaps much?) Anyhoo, if you want a run down of my swimming work, here it is... it may not make much sense, but eh... I'm cool with that.

Warm up- 500 free
Set 1- 6 X 50's @ 1:00 (hung around :35)
2 50's Easy
Set 2- 8 X 25's breaststroke on :45 (hung around :17/:18)
100 Easy
Set 3- 6 X 50's kick @1:15 (hung around :50)
Set 4- 4 X 100 IM @ 2:00 (hung around 1:25)
100 Easy
Set 5- 8 X Underwater 25 (no breath) @ :45 (hung around :25)
100 Easy
Set 6- 6 X 74 free @ 1:15 (hung around :55/1:00)
Warm down 100 Easy


Darcy 'D2' said...

wow are part mermaid or something :).

Katie said...

LOL... my boots and pants only hide my mer-tail... ;)