Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday's workout: Funishment

Ok, so seriously, this whole me feeling fat and lethargic thing needs to stop... that means that holiday cookies and all sorts of good tasty stuff needs to go away... like now... because lord knows I do not have the will power to deny the cookies.... damnit! Now because I have no willpower and because I cannot turn down cookies, I decided I needed a funishment workout... literally I needed to kick my own ass.

So, I went back through CFOT's blog and looked for a workout that looked like a significant enough ass kicker to be deemed a funishment workout... I found one from a few sundays ago and modified it a smidgen, but it worked pretty well for me. Funishment looks a little something something like this...

For time
25 pull ups (pull up grips were retardo so I subbed strict presses with 20lb dumbells)
50 clean and jerks (65lbs done from the hang since I had to be careful not to drop)
50 burpees
50 abmats (done on incline ab bench)
50 box jumps (subbed 50 air squats)
50 push-ups
25 pull ups (subbed strict presses with 25 lb dumbbells)

This time, since I knew I needed more room, I went to the Gold's Gym that just opened not to long ago by my house. It's a nice gym, lots of AWBM (angry white boy music)and more space than the Y. The only problem with said Globo Gym... a one time workout fee? $12... WTF mate? In central PA? Are you joking? I'm not in DC here... c'mon... my old gym charged $6. Too bad they are currently closed for renovations. They also didn't care if I used chalk or ocassionally dropped a weight... oops... my bad dog! Seriously, I was really annoyed with Gold's, but I needed a space for my Funishment. So, I was pretty much stuck. But anyhoo, I looked around for what I needed and got myself pretty much situationated.

I did the strict presses, which felt really heavy because, AGAIN, I had neglected to warm up properly. I'm not sure what it is, but in the globo gyms I totally spaz on warming up. Anyhoo, the stricts felt very heavy, but my arms were also a smidge sore from doing the burpees the day before. Cleans felt good, although not as fast as I would have liked, especially since I wasn't pulling from the floor. When we did this before, Jerry made us pull from the floor. Well, with no one but me for form faults, and my feel of just accidentally dropping the weight, I decided to hang clean instead. I was able to connect all the clean and jerks. I didn't have to pause on my shoulders for any of them which was really nice. I was able to keep going mostly in sets of 5 and then 3/4 at the very tail end. For 50 reps, I thought that was a pretty steady set.

I know I rested way too much on those cleans though... but without everyone else around it was certainly a lot harder to push myself. Burpees, eh, what can I say? Push ups, still a nemesis. Therefore, burpees, still a nemesis. The dude who was working out at the same time as me started looking at me a little funny when I started doing burpees, but what can I say? I guess jumping from a push-up into a squat and then clapping overhead does look a little funny.

Sit-ups and squats went ok. I was bothered by my squat form again though. I hate lifting in shoes. Seriously. It's amazing how much that affects me now. I've gotten so used to being flat on the Jiu Jitsu mats that shoes drive me nuts. It actually hurt my knees a lot. I felt like they were tracking different. Annoying... very...

Push-ups alone took me like 10 minutes, but I gritted through them and refused to cut standard. Chest to the deck and I really focused on keepin the core tight. I have a bad habit of letting my lower back sag on the way up. Tight core is key.

The last set of stricts was ridiculous. My arms were F-R-I-E-D. That 20lbs was retardo heavy. I'm glad I did not go 25. Yikes.

Total time 33:55 Over 4 minutes slower than before, and that's with faster mods... yikes... guaranteed... same exact workout as last time when I did it in 29:05 probably would have been well over 40 minutes..... I'm losing ground these days... time to step it up. The new year is coming... time to get back on track. 5 days a week plus strict zoning. It's seriously go time. Time to start being a CrossFit ninja!

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The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Good girl! You lead the way with the post christmas lethargy arse kicking.