Thursday, December 4, 2008

Strict Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

So, yesterday we did some max strict work. Jerry is right about one thing. Strength gains in a strict press come in small increments. Seriously. Strict press vs. a push press or push jerk is way different, and IMHO way harder to PR on. Strict press is just that, it's strictly your upper body strength. And as we all know, that doesn't just magically grow overnight. It takes time, and for those of us who are somewhat impatient and like to see growth quickly, wellllll.... we just need to keep in mind that that's not quite going to happen. Strength gains take time. In an exercise where there is no hip function (as opposed to many of our other exercises which do have hip function) there is no way to get that extra pop or drive. It's solely on your shoulders and arms. And man oh day, is it hard to make leaps and strides in a strict press. So anyhoo the rounds looked like this

7- 93
8-94 (F)

So, 93 lbs was a new PR for me by 2 lbs. In the strict press, that feels like 20 lbs. So I was pretty happy with that. I'm still not back 100%. This freakin' bubonic plague won't go away. Yar. So sick and tired I will take a new strict press PR. Woot. Until next time.


Jen said...

I hear ya. I haven't done any max strick work, but we did a workout the other week of 1 rep each of front squat, strict press, push press, then push jerk. I was just using 55#, but, man, it was tough to will that bar up for the SP without killing my form. The PP and PJ were cake with the extra drive. If the order of exercises were different, I doubt I would've gotten in as many rounds.

Katie said...

I agree Jen. I always want to kill my form on the strict press. I start to arch backwords instead of keeping tightness in my core. It's tough. But I'll keep working it. I'd really like to hit 100lbs in the strict press. In my brain if I could do that, that would qualify me as completely badass. :)