Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another "Death by Metcon"

Saturday's at the box are always a little different. We're not all running off to work, sometimes the kids are around, we sometimes get started a bit late... it's just a different vibe on the weekends. However, although that may be different, our intensity is never any different. Yesterday we hit the "Petranek Baseline" which looks like this:

500 M row
40 squats
30 abmats
20 push ups
10 pull ups

However, at the bottom of the white board, it then says "reapeat as needed". Hmmmm... as needed? Really I only needed one round to make me tired. Maybe it was the maragaritas still floating in my system from Friday night... but regardless I hopped in for a second round, then a third, and somewhere in there decided that going a 4th round was a good idea, then a 5th. And at the end just decided, what the hell? I may as well do the full 6. So all in all, I did 6 rounds of this metcon insanity. I was able to maintain all my times pretty close together, so I was happy with that, although I would have preferred to do them faster. I'm really not a metcon ninja but this was still a lot of good work for me. The totals looked like this:

3000 M row
240 squats
180 abmats
120 push ups
60 pull ups

That's a lot of work for one day... I maintained all the rounds around 6 minutes but still that's a lot of work for the morning... No jokes here. I was SMOKED after this one... yar... only four more working days until spring break! Holding on for dear life...


Justa said...

What did you do after the warmup? ;) Great work, Katie.

Katie said...

I bench pressed a few of the boys... it was good clean fun... ;)

Justa said...

*raises eyebrow*

I'm keepin' my mouth shut!!!