Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's all about teamwork!

After being out all week due to various excuses, I decided that despite how comfortable my bed felt on Saturday morning that I needed to get up and get to CFOT. When I got there, I saw that it was a team work day. Now, normally I'm all about teamwork, all about the friendly competition. That was until I saw what the teamwork was. Trevor. Oi ve! I remember Trevor all too well from last spring. I tore my hand open mid-palm and mid-workout and it didn't heal for nearly 2 weeks! Trevor looks like this for those of you who've never done Trevor...

For time
Teams of 4
Two people may work at one time
Entire exercise must be completed before moving on
300 pull-ups
400 push-ups
500 abmats
600 squats

Our team had a stategy and it worked pretty well for the most part. To avoid muscle fatigue, stay with 5 pull-ups a piece and the team completes 15 rounds. (15X20=300 I do good math! yaaaaaayyy!) So, on the push ups we tried that again, but I'm so slow and weak on push-ups (still!!! Yar!) that I couldn't hold 5, so Dan and Sean did more. On the abmats we rocked out 5 sets of 25 a piece, and then held 10 a piece for 20 team rounds on the squats. I tell you, this is an assload of work. This workout just plain hurts. Because even though you do it as a team, seriously, do the math.

pull-ups 5X15=75 pull-ups
push-ups 4X5= 20 16X3= 48 48+20=68
abmats 25X5 = 125 + 12= 137
squats 10 X 15= 150

That's no joke right there... that's a ton of work. I'm disappointed in how badly my push-ups sucked, but they've always been a nemesis for me. I'm not sure how to make them any better. I always do them to standard but they are sooooooo slow. :( But at least I got a lot of good work in yesterday. I had shakey body syndrome after this workout as opposed to my usual shakey leg syndrome. :P And now I can't straighten my arms.... yay!


Robin said...

Excellent! We just did Team Trevor 2 Saturdays ago on our new pull-up bar. Did you know you are likely to get more sore from a team workout than a regular workout? Read this article:

Katie said...

Robin I totally believe it. You don't think about how much work you're doing with your team, and sometimes I think I push harder when there are other people because I don't want to let them down. I still couldn't pick my arms up above my head yesterday... but today I feel better... I think I'll make a CFOT appearance this evening.

Sean said...
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Sean said...

Did you notice how bruised & beat up all of our shins in that picture?

Almost brings a tear to my eye...!

Katie said...

Sean! I tried to comment on your blog like 7 times and my computer kept eating my comments... stupid computers... always eating my cookies... :)

Anyhoo, I love the pic of the four of us! We look bad*ss! :) I also tried to say that MU's are no joke so congrats! And I also tried to tell you that I'm glad to see another CFOT'er who invents words like I do... ;)