Thursday, March 5, 2009

I fall off the box, hit a 35 lb strict chin, and find a pet rock...

You know, it's been awhile since I've had one of these really great long titles to post up. :) But, lo and behold, it was bound to happen. I was just bound to have one of those workouts. :P

I wasn't really feeling up for CF yesterday. After two AWESOME days back to back at CF, I was thinking that a day off would be a good idea. But after awhile, and a little nudging from my adoptive dad, Lt. Col. Dan, I decided to get my butt off my chair, leave work, and get to CFOT. No lie, the workout yesterday was a brutal metcon, especially after doing two leg intense days back to back. The workout looked like this...

For time
Double unders (sub box jumps if you're not strong with the double under)
Wall ball (14 lbs)

Ok, abmats and I are getting along pretty well these days. All this overhead work has really forced me to focus on keeping my core tight, so really, things in that department aren't all that bad. But after doing heavy deads and heavy squats the box jumps and the wall balls were rough. After the 50's I had shakey leg syndrome. And you know, it was bound to happen... yup, somewhere amongst the 40's, my foot didn't quite make it on the box and WHAM! Into the box went my shin. I'm not going to lie, if you've never done that, oh my god does it ever hurt. The skin that tore off was actually stuck to the inside of my pants... ew... it's not bruised right now, oh no, because my shin is now full of fluid. De-lightful. That's going to look so pretty in about two days. *sigh* Only me... well not only me, I've seen others do it, but of COURSE it would happen to me. :P I finished this one up in 28:46... not to bad, but not all that great. I rested quite a bit on those wall balls. They gas me like no other.

After all was said and done with the workout, Jerry had some extra work.

Weighted chins

I've always done my chins with my pams facing away from me. I've never tried doing them with my palms facing me. So, I hopped on the bar and decided to try to change my grip to see if I could do it. Holy crap it was so much easier to get up! So apparently when doing strict chins, I should use that grip. Anyhoo, I did a few strict chins with just bodyweight, hit a sort of l-sit (I wasn't completely straight), and then added some weight. I didn't have much energy left in me after that WOD so I knew I only had a few good attempts. I straight threw on a 20lb weight vest which went up way easy. I was really surprised, but I decided then to try the 26lb KB. That went up pretty easy too. We don't have any 30 lb KBs which would have been the next logical jump for me, so I had to go with the 35.

Well, to use the KB for this we use a slip knot around the handle, and then hang the KB around our waist. Well, I put the slip knot on the 35 and then dragged it behind me over to the bar. It looked really comical, and I started joking around about "my pet" and keeping it. It was like my pet rock. :) So, Andrea told me that if I was going to keep it, then I had to take it on a date with me, and I had to wear stillettos while dragging the KB behind me. I think that would be HILARIOUS... anyone want to be my date for the evening? ;) Just imagine how much fun we could have getting strange looks from people. :) Ah, yes, I am my own unique individual. :)

But, anyway, after Andrea and I schemed this up, I still had to get on the bar and do my strict chin with my pet rock. So I strapped in, and away I went. I got about 2 inches from the bar and sort of hit a wall.... but I pulled and I tugged and I tugged and I pulled, and somehow, I pulled my chin up over the bar, with an additional 35 lbs on me. Stoked. Three days in a row I've PR'd on strength exercises at CFOT. I was stoked. But I was also spent. There was no way I was going to try to make one with 45. No way. So instead, I sat down and hung out at CFOT for a little while. Now, because I'm me, and I'm weird sometimes, I really wanted to see if I could sit down and fit INSIDE our new tires. :) So my pet rock and I sat down inside one of the tires. Believe it or not, I actually sort of fit! Everyone of course thought I was nuts, but eh. It was fun. :) And Danny did snag a photo of it... :P

But of course, this is why I'm not allowed to work out at night anymore. At zero dark thirty I need to get moving and I'm not allowed to stay and play and be a goofus. At night, I make a complete tard out of myself... no more night workouts for me! :P


Jerry Hill said...

I hope there is a night workout tonight; Max effort cleans!!

Katie said...

Jerry I have to work tonight... :( but tomorrow is chose my own workout day right? ;) :)

Jerry Hill said...

Nope, it's choose your own "Hero" or "Girl"!

They'll come around again...

How about;
Elizabeth or Badger?
Josh or Randy?
Isabel again?
Heavy Fran?

Katie said...

It was a good try... hmmm by heavy Fran do you mean RX'd?

Christine said...

I hope your shin is better. Jerry told me about it today... Wed doing our box jumps this am. Mine took a 2 full weeks for the swelling to go down. It was weird how it hung around long after the pain, wicked colors and of course the scabs healed up. Thankfully shorts weather isn't here just yet!

Good on you to finish the WOD and get that chin. As for sitting in the tire... you can do anything you want after to try to deconstruct a plyo box!

Katie said...

LOL... after I try to deconstruct a plyo box... LOL... I love it!