Saturday, March 7, 2009

I hit Josh... and the 3rd coolest thing to happen to me in CF happens...

One of the nice things about having our own place is that it allows Jerry to be able to change things up a bit. We don't really have to worry too much about someone else's schedule so it allows us to do things, like choose your own girl or hero workout on the first Friday of the month, followed by a social! :) I'm ALL about the social. :)

I missed our first choose your own workout (it sort of reminds me of the old choose your own adventure books because you never really knew what was going to happen once you chose... ) because I had district swimming, so I was really psyched to be able to meet up this time. Well, I got stuck late at work with a table that walked in 4 minute before closing (thank you VERY much) so Friday am workout was OUT. No could do on about four hours of sleep. So I settled for coming in after school and getting some solid work in.

After doing max OHS this week, I have to say, I was sort of inspired when it came to OHS. Now, also after slamming my shin into the box, I was not really looking to do any running this week either. So, for my hero, I chose "Josh". It was a combination of OHS and pull-ups and I thought it would be good anyway, since I really need to keep working my chins on the fixed bars.

I really wanted to go rx'd with 95, but the problem is that without a rack, I would have to snatch everthing up. Snatching 95 is feasible for me, but it makes the workout a whole lot more complex. And let's also face it, my body was tired. In between all the working out I lead a pretty crazy life, and let's just say, it's catching up with me. So, I had to concede defeat and I went with 65 lbs.

Josh looks a little somthing like this....
21 OHS
42 Pull-ups
15 OHS
30 Pull-ups
18 Pull-ups

I have to say that overall I was pretty pleased with this. I know where I need to work to make this faster but this was a solid workout for me. I hit this in 11:18. What held me back was not the OHS. I banged through this with 1 drop on the 21 and 15 and none on the 9. But the pull-ups, especially right after trying to maintain active shoulder with that bar over my head were a total smoker. But, I felt pretty good about the time, and am glad I got to hit it.

As I was working out, I noticed 3 women come through the door who I didn't recognize. Really, our affiliate has literally EXPLODED since moving spaces (over 30 new members) and I didn't think anything of it. Well I finished the workout and was talking to Jerry when one of the women said to me, "Are you Katie?" Now, I'm not going to lie, it totally tricked me out. I was like, oh God, what did I do? Why does she know me, did I accidentally smile at her boyfriend or husband or something? I was a little panicked. I'll be honest. But then she introduced herself and told me her name was Lynn (I'm sorry if the spelling is wrong!). She told me that she reads my blog all the time! How cool! I was relieved (naturally) that it was a CF related knowing of me, and then relaxed immensely.

Turns out, Lynn and some of the other women from an affiliate in Ocean City were in town for the barbell cert this weekend and had dropped by for a workout beforehand! Awesome! As Lynn was introducing me to one of the trainers at the affiliate, she asked if I was the girl who wrote that whole journey story. And I had to admit that yes I was. She told me that it was a great story. I have to say, at that point, I nearly cried. Shut up I know that makes me sound like a wuss, but I did. There have been times where I've been ready to throw in the towel with my writing on this blog, largely in part of some drama that's happened, just because people either don't know how to take me, or due to things that THEY'VE done, which then reflect on me.

So when I heard her talk about that story this blog, in my mind, just became completely validated. I write because I like to make people laugh, and because I hope that they can take away something from my experiences. From an athlete perspective, maybe they can see how to make something better thanks to Jerry's tips and tricks, or they can find the courage and strength to stick with it and not give up once they see someone who has struggled just like them. From a trainer's perspective, maybe they see just how powerful their positions really are. Trainser have the ability to change someone's LIFE. That is no small feat and it's something to be insanely proud of. You are helping someone to become a new person, to reach goals, do more than they ever thought possible. To see that they were taking something away from my blog made all the writing and all the hours I've spent coming up with catchy titles and funny blurbs and ideas for daily blogs all worth it. Now, how awesome is that?

Everyone has their own CrossFit story. Mine is being written one page, one day at a time. On this journey, I'm being given the opportunity to meet some amazing people, and maybe make a difference while I push myself to become better. We always talk about "power" in CrossFit. It's in the programming, it's in your hips, your legs, your wave of contraction. But it's also in the people. Can you feel it?


Candace said...
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Jerry Hill said...

Friday's workout and social were SOLID!
The CFOC gals are strong - kudos from them are no joke! Power is how you make people feel, I'm glad you strive on and continue to make an impact!