Monday, March 2, 2009

Max Overhead Squats

Guess what we did today?!?!!?! Nooooo... we didn't do snatches today. Silly pants. Overhead squats! And you know what we did with them? MAX! We've never done max overhead squats... kind of like the snatches. We'd never done them until recently. Jerry wrote on my Facebook yesteday that I needed to get my butt to CFOT today to hit the squats, so since we had a snow day (yay for snow days!) I slept in this morning and hit CFOT for an evening class. Have I mentioned how much I heart having multiple evening classes??!?!! (I do... I heart it muy mucho!) And for those of you who no hablo espanol... el nino is spanish for... the nino... Sorry... sorry. I went all Chris Farley on you for a minute. It's my attention deficit oooh shiny! disorder. I sorry. But really, I heart the night classes big time.

So, I warmed up today with some wall squats and PVC overhead squats and then it was off to the races. My loads looked like this.

15 X 5
35 X 5
55 X 3
65 X 1
85 X 1
95 X 1
105 X 1
115 X 1
125 X 1 (F)
125 X 1
130 X 1
135 X 1 (cut it close)
135 X 1 (repeated since I cut it close)
140 X 1 (F)
140 X 1 (F)
140 X 1 (SOF)

I have to say, I haven't really been feeling super hot at CF lately. The snatches last week felt pretty good, and so did Helen, but aside from that... it's been awhile. Today, I have to say, I felt AWESOME. I haven't been jerking much lately at all. My top out two weeks ago was 125. So today I was doing BEHIND THE HEAD jerks with that weight. I was really pleased. I say sort of fail on 140 because I had the weight over my head, dropped to the hole, and got halfway out before I was just too tired. I was more than halfway up. It was so close. I just was pretty wiped and couldn't hold it. I'm not sure I could jerk much more than that, so that's pretty much my max. But... it's ok. Today was a great day at CFOT! :) Woot!

Jerry took some video today, so we'll see if he posts it up later. If he does, I'll upload it. We are going to do these again... right Jerry? ;)


Jerry Hill said...

I'll get to it tomorrow, good liftin'!

Katie said...

Thanks for puttin' the video up Jerry! I loved those lifts yesterday! :)