Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Some metstrength...

After the "interaction" that I had with Trevor this weekend, I was feeling a little sore. Trevor and I had a little chat and it went a little sumpin' like this...

Before the WOD

Trevor: "Katie, you realize that resistance is futile. I'm going to kick your *ss."
Katie: "Trevor, I am a story writin', blog keepin', kid teachin', swim coachin', food servin', laugh makin', CrossFittin' bad*ss mother. There's no way you're taking me down."
Trevor: "Katie, your foolishness makes me laugh. A-hahahahahaha." <-----evil maniacal laughter
Katie: "Bring it dude."

****WOD in progress****

After the WOD...
Trevor: "I told you so."
Katie: "Shut up."

So, yeah. Needless to say, I couldn't raise my arms. After being out last week, I should have been more careful and I know better, but it was a team workout and I wasn't really thinking about how many reps of things I was doing. But I made it on Tuesday and that's what counts. Tuesday was a metstrength day. It went a little like this... no okay fine. It went a lot like this.

5 Squat Cleans (100lbs)
5 Ring Dips

Seeing as how I could barely lift my arms, ring dips were pretty futile. I did the rx'd weight, and really worked some of the things that I picked up at the cert last week. I was far from speedy on this, and I had to work the band on the dips, but I managed to get the WOD done and in and that's what counts.

I need to start working ring dips again, because my really suck, sort of like my push-ups, but like I've said before... there's always something to work on in CF. Just when you think you've mastered one thing, that constantly varied fitness jumps up and bites you on the butt. Screw constantly varied... I'm going to start doing bicep curls! :P

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