Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Choose your own death by metcon" and #37 courtesy of Martha! :)

I have another blog coming after this, because after our bodyweight circuit this morning, it just has to happen. I have to tell you, I'm not so much a fan of this whole "bodyweight" thing. It seems I have a lot of it, and when I have to push it up, I'm not so much a fan. You know, you could probably be a fan of bodyweight workouts on Facebook, however, I would not be a fan. Katie is NOT a fan on Facebook.

Today was another choose your own workout kind of day. I'm preferring however to call it, "Choose your own death by metcon", it's just more fitting, and more fun. Do you know where I got that? I totally stole it from those old choose your own adventure books. Do you remember those? Oh they were awesome! One page you were rockin' out the story, and in the next you were falling into some deep, dark, mysterious cage... they were GREAT! Now, I have to go find one... hold on... looking for photographic evidence that they exist and I'm not totally crazy... ;)

Ha! You can find anything if you look hard enough! God bless GOOGLE! I am totally a fan on Facebook! Anyway, so today was a "Choose your own death by metcon" kind of day. Jerry put up about 4 different options, but since I can't do massive amounts of ring dips, D was out for me. Since I can't do one muscle up, let alone massive amounts of them, C was also out. That left A and B. A I knew would take me forever because it was...

10 RFT of
10 Pull-ups
20 Push-ups
30 Squats

Now, the pull-ups and squats would have been fine for me, but it's that freakin' middle number. It frustrates me that push-ups are sooo difficult. I know the answer is to do more of them, but I just, GRRRR! Hate them.

So, as a result, I settled for B, which looked deceptively easy.

10 RFT of
6 Pull-ups
12 Push-ups
18 Squats
Time- 20:37

Freakin' push-ups. That's all I can say. I would have easily had this in 15 minutes if I didn't suck so badly at push-ups. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP!

But despite that, today I got to catch up with Martha as I was primping for work. I haven't seen her in an age and it was great to "girl talk" while we were gettin' all hot and stuff. But I had to laugh when she gave me #37 on the list. She was telling Christine all about how she should use Nu-Skin to heal her torn hands, and it was then that she revealed that she truly is legit CrossFit. How is it that I know?

#37. You openly admit to carrying Nu-Skin, Neosporin, and Band-aids in your purse so that when you have a rough pull-up day, you can be on that STAT!



Sean said...

...Like a shotgun blast to the face!

Katie said...

WHAT? You're NOT waiting eagerly for my wit and charm? Sir... you are losing more points!

Sean said...

Men w/ moustaches cannot have said "cool points" deducted unless by an act of Congress!

Katie said...

When was that decided? I was NOT consulted on this matter!

Sean said...

This is why you're not a lobbyist!

And yes, I'm still waiting this fabled "wit & charm."

Katie said...

Dude, be amazed by my wit and charm... :P

Adrienne said...

Wait.. so now you're showering with Martha? I feel so cheated on.

Katie said...

I sorry... :( I won't do it again! I promise!

Sean said...


Katie said...

Oh Sean... if only you were a girl........

....you would be allowed in the women's locker room... hahahahahahahahahahahah...