Tuesday, May 27, 2008

CrossFit eats my hand...

Do I really actually even need to add a post? Or can I just leave the picture here and say 'nuff said? LOL. My hand hurts like crap after today's workout. It was still torn from Trevor last weekend and was finally starting to heal until today's nice doozy did me in. Here's what today's fun looked like.

Work up on 3 reps of strict, push, push jerk

40 chins
800 meter run
40 chins
800 meter run
40 chins

The blood blister sprang up at the start of the last 40. I did the last 40 in sets of 1. How demoralizing to be so close to being done and not to actually be able to hold onto the bar. :( This took me roughly 37 minutes I think. I would have broken 30 I do believe had I been able to keep a hold of the bar.... dangit.

OH! Almost forgot! Today's good news! I have officially been off soda for 20 days. Not a drop! I also jumped on the scale today (even after my bad week last week) and I'm now down 16 lbs. which was VERY exciting. I also hit a new PR on chins today. Im now at 16. Again, wondering if I could have done more had my hand been ok. Guess we'll have to wait and see. There's always next time...


Jerry said...

blood blisters suck.

here is a beautiful example of what too many pullups and no chalk did to my hands on lynne about a year ago:


Adrienne said...

That's awesome you've lost 16lbs! You've been looking more and more awesome too. Great work Katie! Keep fighting the soda cravings. You'll notice how easy it is to avoid it after the 1 month mark, and it keeps getting easier.

Splint Chesthair said...

Ooh. I never get anything there, looks like it hurts. Luckily today, I did the pull-ups without popping the one blister I got from yesterday. I was surprised to see that it was almost gone anyway.

Katie said...

J-dawg, they do suck. It hurts like a you know what.

Adrienne- thanks for the encouragement. I'm doing ok with the soda... now I have to stave off Starburst cravings. I have them in my room for the kids during SOL's and I keep eating them! Gack!

Splint- Glad to hear you aren't dealing with any of my issues. :)

Kurt T. Fuller said...

Each time that happens to me I say "it could be worse".

The next time, it generally is.

I going to predict that my hand will fall off this year.


Katie said...

Oh Kurt... let's not predict that. How about just a finger?