Monday, May 19, 2008

CrossFit Old Town hits Trevor...

In honor of Trevor Win'e, CrossFit affiliates across the country are trying to raise money to purchase cooling vests for our soldiers serving in Iraq. CrossFit Old Town kicked off the memorial workout early, hitting it this weekend. I can't even tell jokes about this workout. This was day 7 in a row for me, and I was fatigued when we started. From there, it was an all out fight between me and my body wanting to quit. But, you don't punk out in a memorial workout. Hell no. Day 7 or not, you finish it.

Halfway through the chins, I felt my skin on my hand start to slide and I knew what was coming. Oh yeah, when you're halfway through on 75 chins, and the skin on your hand slides, you know what's coming. And luckily for me, I've felt it enough times to consider the lesson learned. I got off the bar and the tear on my hand was there. It's a nice 3/4 inch tear going diagonal across my palm. You know the kind. The kind that no matter how hard you try to cover, the band-aid just won't stick. So, there I was last night at work, putting lemons on ice tea with an open blister. Nice.

Anyway, Keturah busted my butt through the whole thing, and our team completed the workout in roughly 42:00. She, James, and Stuart put forth one hell of an effort. I was sort of along for the ride. This was just a brutal workout. Chins, push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. Not difficult movements, but when done in high reps, they are enough to kill. I had to take a rest day today. 8 days would have been overkill, even for the girl who just can't seem to stop drinking the CrossFit Kool-Aid. My arms are still fried from the chins and push-ups. To use my quote from the other day, you could serve my arms with a little bit of wonton sauce and call it a day. That's how fried they are! My legs on the other hand feel great and I can only attribute that to the squats and running that I've been doing lately. In total, Jerry said that CFOT raised over $1,000 during our memorial workout. To that all I can say is Hooah! Great work team!

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