Monday, May 12, 2008

"I can't get it up!"

Funny, that's what he said. Bah dum dum ch! Tehehe. So picture this... I make it through my double yesterday at work, and crawl home. Wait, back up one sec. Before I crawled home after the debacle that was yesterday, I met another Cf'er! He was also from Boston and in town for the cert and was pretty cool. Really tall, but pretty cool. I was resetting my tables when I heard someone start talking about kettlebell swings and box jumps. It's not very often that you hear those words being thrown around in public, so naturally my ears perked up. If you can picture me with imaginary antennae, they were laying down, and then it was like boing! And they sprung up. Ok, gay analogy? Perhaps, but work with me (I'm trying to procrastinate here!) Anyhoo, he was in town for the cert, and also had great things to say about Jerry as well.

I'm beginning to feel like I'm sitting on a gold mine with Jerry. Seriously, I was a college athlete, and I don't feel like even at that level I ever had a coach like Jerry. In a way, Jerry is kind of like a disease, well a communicable one at that. I'm sure Jerry is pleased to be reffered to as a communicable disease but hear me out on this piece of randomness. Jerry and his love of fitness are contagious. Bobby warned me when I started at 2 days a week with Jerry, that soon I would be attending all his classes, and I would be addicted to CF. I laughed at Bobby and said it wouldn't happen, blah blah blah. I wish that damned man wasn't right all the flippin' time. It's enough to drive me nuts! Anyway, I am. Jerry obviously enjoys what he does and it shows. I love chins and hang squat cleans and I need them in the way an alcoholic needs a beer. If I can't get them, I start to get a little wonky. I don't even mind getting up at 0500 to let him beat me up. That in and of itself is insane. But so is the fact that I got this off topic... well, not insane actually. It's kind of the norm for me. Back on the grind here... where was I? Oh yes! Getting it up...

Ehem... so anyway... I got up today after the debacle that was my double yesterday because Jerry said we were going to hit Murph. I usually don't go in on Monday's because of work on Sunday, but I was ready to get me some. Well, it was cold and it was wet, and I wasn't thrilled about the idea of hitting Murph in this weather, but I went back in the house, grabbed a pair of windpants, and prepared to do battle with the elements, and with Murph. When I got there though, Jerry told me we weren't going to hit Murph. I was really disappointed. But then Jerry said we were going to hit hang squat cleans..... :) :) :) :) :) We worked up heavy this am. I was stoked. Even being sick and exhausted from yesterday, I posted a definite PR for my 3 rep max. Last time, I tried to jump from 95 to 100 and faulted so my 3 rep max was 95. I hit 105 for 3 today and it felt pretty solid. So I tried 110, and got 2 reps (they weren't pretty by any stretch of the means), but just couldn't get up the 3rd rep. I tried again, but I was smoked by that point and just couldn't get it up. *snicker* That still makes me laugh. Anyway, after that we hit a little circuit, so today's fun goes something like this.

Warm up
Hang squat clean
Work up heavy to 3 rep max

Check me out in the video... watching that, I was closer than I thought on the last one. I should have given it another go. Damnit!

I took the express one on this workout because the other one had too many pushups
6 hang squat cleans (85)
9 chins
12 push ups

I hit 5 rounds of the WOD in 18 and some change. I'm not sure exactly. The pushups felt strong, just slow. The chins felt good. I felt way over the bar today. Pat complimented me today on them actually, and I really needed to hear that. I've just been in the crapper for the last couple days, and it felt good to hear someone say I'm doing something good. I was a little fried from the earlier cleans though, and 85 felt way hard in that circuit. I was having a hard time tying 6 together. It was a little rough. I felt myself up on my toes again too. I was getting frustrated with cleans today. On a fun side note, all my bruises on my legs are back from the cleans, so now I have a great conversation starter again. My favorite? "So Katie, how'd you get those bruises?" "Well, funny story. I met this guy at the bar the other night, and you're not going to BELIEVE what we did." (All the while I'm snickering to myself about the complete load of BS that just came out of my mouth....) Well, these papers won't grade themselves... hmmm... paper grading for time? How many piles? 8 rounds for time you say? 3-2-1 and GO!

The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind.~William James


Jerry Hill said...

1. Thanks for the praise and kind words - none of it could happen if not for psycho's like you, your cfot team, my old philly crew and more...I see your fire and bring the gasoline...

2. You got it up, simply didnt dive under - same thing happenened all day to others - we missed not on the "2nd pull" but on the "pull under" - we def need to dial in on your hook grip - 115x3

Strong work, fun to see your progress!

Katie said...

You're very welcome Jerry. Thanks for bein' awesome. I hope you have a lot of gas. I think the next few months for me are going to be interesting. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great Video! Keep it up Katie! Glad you were feeling well enough to hit it today. Get it up girl. heehee.

Katie said...

Thanks Kim! Good to see you back! How was the Saxon family camping weekend? :)

georgia said...

Nice work, Katie! You constantly keep me motivated. I always look for your time or PR first thing in the morning. One day I'll be able to lift as much as day.

Chicago...two weeks!

Katie said...

Thanks Georgia. But I don't know why you look for my time girl. You kick my bootilicious butt all over the place. You can totally life as much if not more than me. You just gotta do it! (Sadly you can not hear the voice that I am using to say "do it") I will be sure to perform it for you tomorrow am. ;)

georgia said...

Oh I can hear it clearly if you are using the voice from Waterboy! My theory that 6:45, while totally stinking awesome, has the unfair advantage of not being surprised like 6:00. Also, we get more sleep. ;) Oh, and we have Stacey and Adrienne...insanely high standards/paces are set by them and the rest of us just try to keep up and not choke on their Blue Mat Dust :)