Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crossfit NYC was right about one thing....

... Pukie Brewster is a BAD idea! Since tomorrow I'll be in Frederick watching my sis do her FIRST marathon, I won't be able to hit our workout. Boo! I'm not happy because this is two Sundays in a row I'll have missed! I don't like that but it's for a good reason. So anyway, to make sure I didn't miss a workout this week, I decided to hit the web in search of something I could do sans toys, since I have yet to purchase any of my own. (I really need to get on that don't I?)

Anyhoo, I had seen this workout up on the NYC page a few weeks ago, dabbled with the idea of doing it, said no way in hell, and thought nothing of it again. Well, enter me yesterday, sitting down and typing my blog, and realizing I won't be around tomorrow. *@#$! So I decided I needed to hit a pretty bang up workout and I remembered this one. So I decided to hit it.

Here's what my fun today looked like...

Quick Cals

"Pukie Brewster"
X3 Rounds (forgot that the first time I typed this... that makes a difference!)
800 meter run
50 burpees

So, since I happen to know that 800 meters is once around the big building at the Hoffman Complex, I decided to head down to Jungle's and work out in the parking lot like we do sometimes. Now, apparently, on a weekend, this is a complete oddity as everyone coming and going utterly stopped and stared at me. I felt sort of like a circus freak for a bit there. Not to mention, I chose to do my burpees by the steps because it was shady. I didn't realize until round 2 how bad of a spot I had chosen, but by then I was too into things to move my crap. I also realized for other reasons that this was a bad idea. Oh, like the fact that contrary to popular belief, pavement does NOT give when you go to do a push up. So needless to say, for round three, I had to lose :30 so I could go rummage in my car to find something to put under my hands to do the last 40 or so burpees.

I also think that someone accused me of loitering because the manager came out, walked around me, peeked around the corner, looked at me again, and then disappeared while I was on my run. So, apparently Jungle's is not the place to hit a workout on your own. :P Oh, and I almost got hit by a car, and almost got into an accident on the way to the gym, but that's a whole other story.

So, back to the workout... let me just tell you. You think you can partition 50 burpees into sets of 10 and go from there. *ehhhhh* Wrong answer! The burpees sucked so bad. I swear. I wanted to die. Seriously. I was doing sets of 4/5. It took FOREVER! So in truth, I probably should have done the smart thing, dialed the number down and been done with it. But no, you know me.... I'm stubborn as a mule. So of COURSE I did this as Rx'd. I did 150 burpees today. I need to figure out A.) Who gave me crack. B.) How much they gave me. C.) Where and when I can get some more. Why I mean seriously, WHY did I think at 8:30 this morning that this was a good idea? On a good note though, the runs were pretty solid. I used my I-pod today and that helped to keep me truckin'. Also, working out today seriously loosened up my neck. Whatever happened yesterday is not gone, but I can at least turn my head now. Yay for movement! :) All in all I brought this in in, 39:46. My goal was to get this in in under 40:00. Since pushups and running are two of my nemisi (did we ever decide on this Mr. Mirek?) I knew this would not be a land speed record. I'm glad that I got it in under my goal. That felt good even if I was covered in sweat and creeping out everyone in the gym. Even the CJJ guys kind of looked at me funny. Ah well... all for the love of Pukie and CrossFit. I'll take a few odd stares. :P

Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners.~William Shakespeare


Mr. Mirek said...

I believe it's nemeses.

Tanya said...

Hi Katie-

Sorry I've been out of the loop. time was limited to do computer stuff in NM. Such an awesome trip!! Hiking, bouldering, ahhh...

As for Chicago...I read the past blogs...

When are you done with work? As Paul said, you could come in on Thurs and we could go run with my Nike friends. There will be a 5k that weekend I'm sure. I'd have to look it up. The only thing I have going on that weekend is the garden party at my school. Its a big shindig that will take up most of my sat am and afternoon, but I'm sure you can occupy yourself somehow.

If you fly in to Midway I can pick you up as its about 1/2 mile from my house. If you fly in on Friday, I probably will have a softball game, but if you get here soon enough you could play with us. You can also drink with us afterward, which is something I think you won't mind! Let me know either here or facebook.

Katie said...

Thanks Mr. Mirek!

And as for you Tanya, no more leaving me and going into the desert! :(

I will keep you posted about Chicago! :)

Cara said...


You are insane.