Friday, May 16, 2008


I just had to post this... this dude is freakin' sick. 6:59 Helen. Freakin' sick. He is a machine. Watchin' the chins though... eh... looks like there were a couple not over the bar... ;) Either way, dude still rocked it.


Anonymous said...

What is the concern with the chins? Is is because it looks like he doesn't clear the bar all the way or is it because he is kipping?

It is am amazing time! Plus I have a deep love for the place where he is doing the workout!!

Katie said...

Kim, I was saying that because I wasn't sure if his chin was over the bar. I have to say, Jerry has INGRAINED that in me. It doesn't count if it's not over the bar, and ideally it should be throat to bar. He's made me do reps over and over for that. In the video it just looked like his weren't. Either way, it's a sick time and an awesome effort. The man is a machine! :)

Is OneWorld where you work out?

georgia said...

Have you noticed that all these amazing times lately have been by guys doing a modified kip? Not that there is anything wrong with that. The butterfly/frog kip obviously works well for increased intensity. I guess I'm just partial to the traditional kip because of A) my gymnastics background (it makes total since because of giants and other tricks) and B) because if I'm trying to run for my life and need to pull myself up over something I'm going to naturally do a traditional kip instead of the frogger/butterfly.

After saying all that, awesome effort, dude!

Katie said...

LOL... you said frogger and it made me think of the 1980's video game with the frog running through traffic... LOL. HA! FROGGER! :)