Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There is no new CrossFit post today...

.....because if you looked at the picture below you know that my hand hurt like a SOB... I know, I know, you are shocked and startled and panicked without new things to read, and you feel lost without some new ramblings... well, I can't help you today... I have no workout, and my brain is too tired from stress to think or be funny... so, instead, now would be a good time to go back and get caught up on some of my blogs you might have missed instead... so allow me to suggest a few... ;)

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I hope these provide you with some good reads and some interesting thoughts. Enjoy, or if you already read them, enjoy again! :) But don't worry... I'll be back in the Blue Room tomorrow... AND you know I have my trip to Chicago coming this weekend with Windy City CrossFit drop in in the works, and a 5K. So you know there will be much to read and blog about... get caught up now so you have time for the fun new stuff when it comes. :)


Joe said...

Hey Kaite love the Crossfit die hard attituide. I have been diggin Crossfit for a while now. Just decided to start blogging about my little garage gym and my workouts. I enjoyed reading some of your posts. Keep up the good work.

Just pop that blood blister and get back to it:)

Katie said...

Hey Joe! Thanks for the post! The blood blister was popped... a few times... that's why it hurts so bad... but don't worry... I'll be back to the grind in just a few short minutes! :) I think it's awesome that you are doing this on your own. I'm sure it takes even more drive to do it on your own without people to push you. Great work! Stick with it! What is the link for your blog Joe? Let me know so that we can harass you on a daily basis! :)

Jerry said...

when are you working out @ crossfit windy city? i'm going to be in chicago this weekend for a bachelor party and hadn't really thought about dropping in at an affiliate.

Katie said...

Jerry, Mr. Mirek and I are planning to work out at Windy City on Saturday morning. You in? :) This could be fun!

Mr. Mirek said...

yeah, katie found a potential replacement.

Katie said...

Jerry, Mr. Mirek isn't going to head out with me. Do you want to meet up with me and head over to Windy City?

Splint Chesthair said...

I'm not sure if it's healthy for you but I always use superglue to anchor skin that gets fiesty and decides to leave from whence it was originally attached.

Stings a bit though.

Katie said...

Splint I've heard of that before. It's definitely not recommended but it does work. Supposedly new skin is supposed to do something similar. I am actually considering it, if my palm doesn't shape up.

Jerry said...

about your hand/blisters/calluses/etc. what i've found works the best on open hand wounds, is first off, pop whatever you've got, drain it and then cut away all the excess skin.

then get a bowl of hot water (as hot as you can stand), pour in a half a cup of salt and dissolve it best you can.

then soak your hand. yes, it will hurt. probably even more than when the injury happened.

do this 4 times a day for 15 minutes or until the water cools down for 2 days. this will dry out the skin and help the blood-rich skin underneath to dry out and firm up. THEN use nuskin. i've made the mistake of applying new skin directly to freshly injured hands and it hurts. a lot.

some people advocate the vitamin e and neosporin method, but i find this takes over twice as long to heal. the goal is to toughen up the newly uncovered skin as soon as possible to promote callus formation. and don't forget, keep those calluses trimmed down as much as possible.

Katie said...

Salt? Jerry, I'm no wuss but are you seriously trying to kill me? That is going to sting like crap! :P