Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If I should die doing CrossFit...

So during today's workout, a thought occurred to me. The thought went something like this: "I may actually die doing today's workout. And if I die, what a way to go. And if I die, what do I want them to do with me?" But before I explain what I would like to be done with my dead self, or rather, in remembrance of my dead self, let me first explain why I thought I was going to die.

I said yesterday that Jerry has been good at givin' us the gassers lately. And we all know that I never should have said that because Pukie knows, that the second you say something, it has to happen. So guess what Jerry had for us today? One really nice gasser. And here I must pause for one second to do a station break. If you haven't visited Jerry and our site at CFOT you really should. Jerry maintains our blogs with all of our workouts, places for gear, and even has a link to his own blog which is chalk full of vids and tutorials, and other links to great reads. Hands down the best trainer I've ever had/met. He is peerless. He loves what he does and it's obvious. Bobby warned me when I started with Jerry that his love of fitness was contagious, and he was right. I'm drinking, nay, GUZZLING the CrossFit Kool-aid these days.

Anyways, back to my untimely death. So, today I was stretching and saw Jerry get out the rowers, which to me is a sign of torture. I'm not a good cardio person. But then he said load up the bars to 55. My eyebrows went up and I thought, 55? We don't do things that light anymore. So I looked at the rower, the weights, saw him set up box jumps, and I knew what I was in for. Oh yes, you guessed it. Fight Gone Bad. But WAIT! Just like yesterday, Jerry had a little catch up his sleeve. Apparently it is Elizabeth's birthday today. Jerry did this workout once before and she said she loved it, so to honor her, he brought it back. Jerry's catch was, this is a sell out, Tabata, FGB. Today's good time looked like this:

Tabata FGB Sell Out
8 rounds per exercise at one time
:20 work :10 rest
1:00 for rotation

Box Jumps
Jumping Slam Ball (Jerry has a great tutorial on this)(12 lbs)
Push Press (55 lbs)
KB High Pull (50 lbs)
Wall Ball (10 lbs)
Row (for cals)

After yesterday's doozie, I was a hurtin' pup today. I just felt like serious crizzap. But, with some help from Laura and the CFOT crew I made it through. And we saw the return of Leslie today too! Yay! ;) She came right back from completing a half Iron Man into the FGB Sell Out. What fun!

I tried to keep my numbers consistent, but I should have just worked to the clock. I know I probably could have added about 20 more reps to my score, which is frustrating, but I was so darned smoked! This was a doozy. I have never heard the Blue Room so quiet. It wasn't until the last exercises with 3 more rounds to go that we got more vocal. The light at the end of the tunnel was coming... thank God it didn't turn out to be one of Jerry's trains. :P So, this was scored just like FGB, one rep= one point. I hit 363. Not too shabby, but should have been better.
After I dropped my last push press, I dropped to the floor. Literally, and I laid on the mat. The 0645 crew was coming in and I told them it was ok just to do cals overtop of my prone body on the floor. Melanie took me up on my offer and did. It made me laugh which was a good thing, but for a little while there, I was thinking it might be the end.

So this got me to thinking. If I would ever die doing CrossFit, what would I want them to do with me? So, here's the conclusion I came to while driving to work today. When I'm all said and done, I would like them to make a nice statue, perhaps in bronze, of me laying down, shades on, hands behind my head, with one leg up in the air. Now, you may be asking, is Katie completely off her rocker? Well maybe, but here's my explanation of things. Jerry always tells us to "Rest Later" what better time to rest than when I'm dead? This would be a classic "resting" pose. Now, for the foot in the air, I figure it serves as a reminder that even though I might now be around, I can still give someone a good solid kick in the pants if need be. ;) Ah... CrossFit, and Pukie. Where would I be without you?

Nothing’s better than the wind to your back, the sun in front of you, and your friends beside you. ~Aaron Douglas Trimble
(especially if you're a bad runner like me... it helps to speed you along... ;) )


Mr. Mirek said...

Ah...Jerry's videos are great! We'll start designing that statue now. And many people would enjoy being that friend beside you while running. Catch your breath and go!

Katie said...

Jerry is truly a one of a kind guy. He's great at what he does, because he does what he loves. It's hard to be around him and not get affected by it. Hands down, he is rock solid. :)

As for my statue, I'll be expecting a good likeness... and if you can finegal a way to make the statue look like I weight about 15 pounds less, that'd be great too... ;)

I had a good friend to run with today. Kara with a K, not to be confused with Cara with a C, was pushing my behind this morning. She was smokin'! I hate running, but running with some good CrossFit peeps always makes everything better! :) Mr. Mirek, you wanna come run with us?! :) We'll invite Tanya too! :) Maybe we'll get you some hoodies and let you be part of a team! :)

RP said...

That's spot on...If it's not're in the wrong place. As Coach Rut says "nobody else is working this hard at 0600 hours" (unless of course you're a fellow CF'er somewhere in the world)

Katie said...

Well RP I have to agree. I mean after all, check out my book idea, and just the fact that I have a blog and I think it's easy to see that Jerry has rubbed off on me. :P Now, all I need to do is open my own affiliate.... ;)