Friday, April 11, 2008

The Filthy Fifty: CrossFit Old Town Stylz

So, we here down at CrossFit Old Town have our own way of doing things... Jerry's way. Jerry always has this ability to put a little extra spin on something. It makes you walk in the blue room all hyped up, take one look at the board and then think "Oh Sh*t!" Today was kind of one of those days. After already hitting two pretty solid workouts this week, I was a bit sore, and when I was stretching and saw the board, I almost cried. Well, not really, but I certainly swore a lot and thought to myself how freakin long it was going to take me to complete it.

I'm so over this whole hip flexer thing, that I was bound and determined not to scale anything. So the reps and the weights stayed higher than they have been lately. See if this one makes you cringe.

Filthy Fifty: CrossFit Old Town Stylz (yeah the z just makes it sound that much cooler)
50 row (for calories)
50 jumping ring dips
50 wall ball
50 jumping pull ups
50 kettle bell swings
50 knees-toes-wall (basically a version of knees to elbows on your back and your toes have to touch the wall, but knees come to chest first)
50 db push press
50 kettle bell high pulls
50 "Iron Mikes"
50 wall ball sit ups

Ouch.... brought this in in 37:09. Killer. Used a 45lb kb to swing and high pull. Should have done a 50lb on the high pull, but there's always next time for us true CrossFitters... :P

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