Sunday, April 6, 2008

I don't mean to "Badger" you...

Oooooh boy. Here we go. Jerry has decided to switch our Saturday workouts to Sundays so that we can play more. Because we share our space, Saturdays get a little hectic. So we're going to start hitting more epics on Sundays and really go to town. Today we hit Badger. Now let me tell you something. Someone said today that they could smoke CrossFit workouts. My response to them was that they're not working hard enough. If Badger is easy for you, choose heavier weights, or put on a weight vest and pony up. CrossFit is designed to push us to our limits, and today in the blue room I saw people pushed to their limits.

I saw people sit down, ready to give up, but you know what else I saw? I saw people stand back up, pick back up that weight for a squat clean, and finish out their reps. I saw people leaning back against the wall, ready to give up on their thirty chins, but I saw them get back on the bar. THIS is why I CrossFit. No matter your level, your expertise, CrossFit will challenge you. It will push you to the point where you think you have broken. But you haven't. The people who were in that room are amazing and they rose to that challenge. Regardless of whether they were done, almost done, not done, or still seemingly so far from being done, they were cheering for everyone else. Encouraging them to pick up the bar again. CrossFit has the ability to tear you apart, only to build you back up to something else, something greater than you thought you could be. CrossFit is about your physical ability, but it's also about having faith and confidence in yourself and your teammates. It's about finding in yourself what you thought you didn't have. The ability to continue. The ability to go on. I'm extremely proud to be a part of CrossFit Old Town, and I can't think of a group of 30-50 people I would rather spend my mornings and weekends with. You are amazing.

Now having said that... here is what we all faced. And I would just like to add, that every single person in that blue room defeated this challenge today. Whether it took them 30 minutes or 50 minutes, every single person who walked into that room called time today. Today seems like a good day to test yourself. Despite the cold and the rain, we did it today. You should too.

800 Meter run
30 Squat Cleans 65, 55, or dumbbells for women 95, 75, or dumbbells for men
30 Chins
3 rounds for time

I brought this one in in 44:46. My running was not a land speed record by any means, but I was able to move through the squat cleans without too much trouble and the chins are starting to feel good again. I tore another callus, but this one actually felt good today. Still kicked my butt but it felt good.

Courage is doing what you're afraid to do. There can be no courage unless you're scared.- Eddie Rickenbacker


Tanya said...

Horray Badger!

I like Badgers...I went to Wisconsin!

Keep up that running...we can make a runner out of you yet!

Katie said...

But Tanya... Nittany Lions are pretty fierce too.... ;)

Mr. Mirek said...

Oh hecky-naw! You both know that the Illini hunted and killed all y'all Badgers and "Nittany" Lions...whatever a nittany is. LOL! All in good fun though...

Katie said...

WHAT? What the hell is a Nittany? Oh come on... what's an Illini? :P