Tuesday, April 15, 2008

If I'm at CrossFit....

You know... everyday I come up with all these ideas that have to do with CrossFit. Sometimes I chuckle... sometimes I guffaw. Sometimes my ideas make me snort milk out my nose. Or, well, they would if I drank milk. So here is a mish mash of CrossFit related thoughts... that just never quite turned themselves into full fledged blogs. (What? You thought all my blog writing was just spur of the moment? Damn... I had you that fooled? :P)

- If I'm here at CrossFit this morning, who's busy running hell?

- If I do a keg stand, how many blocks of carbs is that? If I then turn around and eat a lot of cheese, does that negate the carbs? Let's say I puke and rally, does that then basically reset me back to zero?

- If I promise to do my runs backwards, can I cut them in half since they have a higher degree of difficulty?

- If a CrossFitter is doing a workout in the forest and they fall, does anyone hear?

- How many CrossFitters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 3- 1 to screw in the lightbulb, 1 to keep track of how many rounds he does, and 1 to take pictures of it.

- If CrossFit were a car, what kind would it be?

- If CrossFit was a superhero, what would its super power be?

- Why can't I eat an entire box of twinkies after a hero workout? I think I should be allowed, guilt free.

- If I CrossFit 4 days a week, think about CrossFit the other 3, talk/read about it for at least 10 hours a week... does this qualify me as a CrossFit addict? Can I seek treatment for this addiction under my current healthcare plan?


keturah said...

Girl, you're crazy. The light bulb is awesome.

georgia said...

Loved the light bulb one, too. Brainstorming on the superhero...am thinking about a cross between Mr. T's Cartoon A-Team (with the gymnasts) and Thundercats. Most of us ladies would be in the vein of She-Ra though, don't you think?

Katie said...

Elise added that she could not think of a super power per say... but CrossFit would be like Wolverine, cause he's just badass. :)