Wednesday, April 23, 2008

#31 and #32 and some new site features...

Can I just reiterate how much fun writing this blog has become? Today I got my first email from someone looking to submit to the top reasons list. How fun is that? So, one comes from Brian all the way up in Pittsburgh. That's some Stiller (Steeler) country ya'll. ;) I like him already. :) The other one comes courtesy of a CFOT'er, and once you read it, I'm sure you'll guess who it was... ;)

Now, as for some new site features, I have a confession. I'm whoring myself out on the internet. Yes, it's true, in a way. :P I noticed yesterday that someone jumped to my page through something called When I checked it out, I learned a whole lot more than I ever thought I would about feeds. Well, I registered my blog, and you can now subscribe to me via things like Google Reader, or email. So now, you can get me right in your email box. How sweet is that? Google reader will even let you know that I've updated and you won't have to come to my site. But you certainly still can! :) It feels weird to have done that, but really cool. I just like writing, and if I can say things to entertain or inspire people, well then, the more people I reach, the more fun everything becomes! :) So, feel free to subscribe, and of course, feel free to tell your friends! ;)

Alright, now I know you weren't reading to find out about me whoring myself to the world, so on with the fun stuff shall we? #31 and #32

32. While your students are playing on the playground, you notice that one of your boys on the monkey bars swings really well. You think to yourself that he would be a great candidate for learning a kipping pull up. You debate about teaching him before you realize that he'll probably hit his head on the monkey bars, thus prompting a law suit, and you therefore opt against it. (Hey, school's for learning right? ;) )

and courtesy of Brian,

31. After traveling 500 miles and dropping $$ on a hotel room for an awesome beer festival, you decide to be the DD and not partake, all so you can hit your CrossFit workout in the morning.

Talk about dedication. Woo weeee! Thanks Brian for that one! :)

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