Thursday, April 10, 2008

We won't talk about yesterday.... because today I hit a PR!

So... you know how teachers always yell at students when they don't follow directions? Well, yesterday was a classic case of teacher being a hypocrite. Needless to say, I only half listened to Jerry as he was explaining Angie, and therefore feel the need to kick my own ass because I screwed up the workout, so we're just not going to talk about it...especially since today was way more exciting. Now, I really don't think I write anything better than the c*ck block blog right now because it's Thursday, the kids were hyper today, and I'm tired.... so I'm going to settle for being happy (not content... oh no... I did not KILL the workout today) but happy for the PR I posted. Now, in keeping with the true CrossFit mentality... I'm thinking maybe I could have done more... but before I digress, which so easily happens with me, let's get to the fun...

Warm Up
Work up heavy TGU x 15 minutes

Mod deadlifts x 20 work up
Dropped bar = end of set... you start over

Round 1
90 Jumping slamballs
120 box jumps

Round 2
15 reps = 1 point
Jumping Slamballs
Box jumps
AMRAP in 5 minutes

My mod deadlifts weren't so hot today. We haven't done them in awhile and I definitely felt weak. But today it didn't matter because I was pretty psyched about the TGU. I got up a 50lb barbell TGU this morning. Yay me. It went up super easy on the right side, but trying to get it on the left took three tries. I was going to try for 55 today, but ran out of time because of the extra tries on the left side. I was stoked about the PR, but in true CrossFit fashion, I'm already plotting my next weight. I'm thinking that I can easily hit 55. A good challenge for me will be 60. Unlike some people, (who shall remain nameless... ah hell, let's just name him "no balls") I'm not content to do something well. I'm always wanting to step up to the next challenge. Sometimes my competitive nature gets me in trouble and I shouldn't always step up, but I'm always willing. (Well, almost always. Sometimes there is a little bit of nudging from our local CrossFit guru... ;) )

So overall today was a good day. And a big shoutout to CrossFit NYC who posted a link to the c*ck block blog for many to enjoy. You guys rock! :) It was quite possibly the highlight of my year.... :)

If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all. -Anna Quindlen


Mr. Mirek said...

NICE WORK! Those are some pretty powerful pictures. I've always skipped the TGU days. I guess I'll have to try it now!

Katie said...

HAHA... I've suckered you in! :)