Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A workout CrossFit Old Town Stylz and some more prolific thoughts from me...

So, today Jerry pulled off another gasser. He's gettin' REALLY good at that. Today started out looking like a day I was really going to enjoy. While stretching out I saw the return of Vivek (YAY! :) ) and Jerry gettin' out the barbells. Now, you must understand, Jerry giving me a barbell is like giving a little kid $100 in a toy store and telling them to go have fun. I live for the days we throw weights around. Well, today Jerry decided we were going to have another work up heavy day. (Double yay!) So I partnered with Terrance (yay for Terrance making the 0600 crew!) and Kaii and got down to some business son.

Now, before we could throw the weights around, Jerry gave us a catch. We weren't just going to do straight up front squats. Oh no no, there was an added bonus. When you get to your rock bottom squat position while holding a buttload of weight on your shoulders, sit there for 3 seconds before you come back up. WHAT?! Holler! Did you say sit with it for 3 seconds? Oh he so did. So, after our surprise announcement, we got busy.

Front Squat WU (15 minutes)
Work up heavy
3 x 3 second rest at bottom of squat
115x3 (NEW PR!)

And for some video footage....

Now, after the front squats, I knew we couldn't be done. It was too early. So then Jerry said we were going to go do some chins and push ups. He served us some tabata mash up.

Tabata mash up sell out looked like this:
:20 chins
:10 transition
:20 push-ups
:10 transition

8 round sell out

My total number on the sell out mash up wasn't very high at all, but all my push ups were chest to the deck and there was no modifying to my knees. I call this progress.

Now, my prolific ramblings came after what Jerry threw at us for the last part of our workout. When Jerry tells me to get my running shoes, I cringe. But when Jerry tells me to get my running shoes after we've worked heavy on front squats, I think that I might actually die at some point during whatever it is we are about to do. So we get outside, and I knew it. He was making us do 400 meter sprints. Someone asked if it was only once. I laughed and said, hell no. He's making us do tabata 400 meter sprints. When we got back after our first sprint, he told everyone he was being nice and was only going to make us do 3. Well we finished the 3rd one on an all out sprint, and then he told us 4 was optional. Well, I went back to look for Kaii who wasn't in yet, and after I ran in with her. Jerry said 4 wasn't optional, so I jogged. Straight up. I couldn't run for crizzap. My legs... you guessed it! They were JELLO! (Cherry flavored! yum!)

Now on the way inside there was a discussion going about sprinting. I thought for a second, and shot out this little brilliant line: "Maybe some people just aren't meant to be sprinters. Maybe they're supposed to be just like draft horses and just work really hard and work a lot." I think maybe my ehem, country roots, may have shown through just a tad there, but I think I spoke my piece. I can't run fast. (sorry Tanya, but I've given up hope) But I can sure can pace. Round 1, 1:25, Round 2, 1:25, Round 3, 1:28, Round 4 (should not count) 1:53. Either that, or I need to become an Indy pace car. :P

Feels good to be with my CrossFit folks. I'm hanging on by a thread it seems, and my CrossFit folks are helping me hold it together. I'm really burnt out right now, but CrossFit keeps me going! Thanks Pukie!


Jerry Hill said...

Duly noted, correction made
Leave no teammate behind...

1:25,1:25,1:28= ave 1:26

How about the fact you also power cleaned 115!

Mr. Mirek said...

HOLY SHAZAM! Jerry, I can't wait to head to your neck of the woods and try your abuse someday. Maybe on my way to DC with the fam in the summer time. Katie, do your thing...sprinting is relative...some are just faster than others. I see it on the track all the time as a coach. PRs are the most important thing...next time your average will be 1:24, then 1:22, then 1:20. GO GET 'EM!

Katie said...

Mr. Mirek, just wait until you see what Jerry did to us today. ;)

georgia said...

For constantly preaching the not a runner thing, I think your times were really, really good! Then again, I'm not a sprinter either. Some of us really are meant to be draft horses or pace cars.

Katie said...

Eh, Jerry, it's ok. I've accepted that my average will never be a land speed record. Hmm... yogurt is a problem? Interesting. I plain plain, or vanilla. Nothing with the fancy fruit in it. I put my own fruit in it. I also buy the light stuff that toned down. None of that chocolate eclair yogurt. Blech!

RP said...

Left me gassed just reading the account of that WOD. Nice work.

Brad said...


Great numbers on the squats! I envy your run time too...

See my post today!

Cara said...

Katie -

I think your run times were pretty damn good! So stop being so damn hard on yourself :-)