Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AMRAP in 5 hours x 3 rounds... 3-2-1... go!

So... this weekend... everyone else ran the exorcist stairs... what did I do? Oh yeah. I ran stairs at work. For three nights straight (normally it's only 2 but I got suckered into working on Friday) we were slammed. I don't just mean like a little busy, I mean slammed. We went on a wait every freakin' night. Friday night wasn't too bad because I was on the middle floor, but literally, you have to understand, to get alcohol, or any missed sides or condiments, it's down one floor. So, I'd go down the front stairs, through the kitchen, up the back stairs, usually just in time to make it for another round. Saturday I was not so lucky. Saturday I was on the 3rd floor. And I had that guy. Oh yeah, you know him. That guy that waits until I bring his buddy a beer to tell me he's ready for another too. Mother ******! So then, it was down two flights on the front stairs through the kitchen up two flights of stairs, just in time for the other table to tell me they needed butter, down one flight, back up. Then, it was dressing, down two and up. Finally, I just realized that life sucked and just didn't stop going up and down stairs. Sunday.... oh sweet Lord Sunday. Sunday's are normally not terribly busy and for this reason we normally only schedule two servers. Well apparently we missed the memo that everyone was coming to eat at KSB. So, guess what? Second floor filled up and we needed space for 7. Shit. Guess who had to split floors? Oh yeah... this girl. Soooo, up the front stairs, down the back, how are you? Need anything? Great... lather, rinse, repeat. Honestly, and no lie, I think I bested my PR on stair running this weekend. I think, I just think, I must have hit over 100 flights of stairs this weekend. On a positive note... the hip flexer is feeling a little loser. I am hoping to be in tomorrow. But, I still got a workout in this weekend anyway! :P

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georgia said...

I really, really don't like *that guy*. Hope he at least apologized for being a dumb butt.