Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thursday... is the day after hump day...

So, I didn't get in to CrossFit on Monday or Tuesday which means that in order for me to get my four workouts in, I needed to hit the end of the week strong, and hit a weekend workout. No prob! Except that I SUCK at running, and we ran on Wednesday, and then I had to hit a workout on Thursday.... oh boy! :P

I don't know how it is humanly possible that I played soccer in high school. Seriously. I can't run now to save my life, but man oh day, when Coach Hillard was standing there with her stopwatch on me, and timing my 2 mile run every Thursday, somehow I managed to complete the X-Country course, which mind you, was not nearly as flat as the CrossFit parking lot (although it did have gopher holes very similar to our potholes) and had some serious hills. And when I say serious, I mean, two hills each about 1/4 mile long that are gradual. One at the beginning, one at the end. EW. Anyway, back to my point, I used to do that, and bust through 2 miles in less than 18 minutes. How is it possible that I'm now running retarded? Anyway, coming in Thursday after running Wednesday was a little rough. But nonetheless, I was there. 4 rest days in a row has done a bit to help loosen up my flexer, so I was glad that my workouts last week fell the way they did. So, I went for the full workout on Wednesday, with no modifications for the first time in almost two weeks. Here's what we looked like,

Warm Up
Hallow rocks
Rock bottom squat holds
:30 each clock never stops

Warm Up Extended...
Side to sides (like in basketball) Tabata sell out... only 5 rounds though
Sit ups Tabata sell out

AMRAP in 25 minutes
4 Handstand push ups
6 Chins
8 Jumping slamballs
12 Kb swings

Jerry wanted the KB swings to be heavy, but I stuck with a 35 pounder. Squats don't feel too bad right now, so I did the jumping slamballs and actually kind of enjoyed them. I stayed light on the KB because it seems what aggravates my hip flexer the most is the explosive drive forward like in a swing. But all in all, I hit 9.5 rounds today. Not to shabby. I'll get back there. Just need to keep icing and stretching. I'm looking forward to being full throttle again soon.

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Tanya said...

I'm telling you, you just need to run more. Practice makes perfect!