Thursday, April 24, 2008

CrossFit Ninja

So you know what's really cool about Ninjas? (Aside from the kickass toys guys...) The fact that they are so totally uber sneaky. They dress in all black, and when you turn around they're not there, but when you turn back around they're standing right behind you. Sneaky I tell you. Well I have to tell you, I kinda felt like a ninja today. Sneaky. I was dressed up all in black today, and let me tell you, I snuck up on everyone today, including myself! No one saw this one comin. :P Let me 'splain... here's what today's fun looked like.

WU 15 min
L-sit chins/negatives/strict chins
Ring dips

400 meter run
30 weighted sit ups
20 weighted jumping lunges
10 burpees on the med ball

3 rounds for time

Now, here's where the CrossFit Ninja snuck in. I was totally feeling all crappy today. Third day in a row of CrossFit, worked heavy on Tuesday, hit FGB yesterday. I've had my share of fun this week and mixed in with school stress (which I acquired more of today... ****!) I was just runnin on empty. So today during chins, I felt like shit. No lie. I really just wanted to sit on the floor and do nothing.

But then Jerry posted the circuit and I was really mad that we were running. My reason? I had socks that didn't match. To avoid looking like a total goofus, I had worn sandals, and still brought the mismatched pair just in case, but I looked like a total nerd because one sock was way higher than the other and I really didn't want to run. I know, great logic huh? Not only that but you all already know that I really hate running. Anyway, so the whole point of that was that I didn't want to run. LOL. Imagine that.

But anyhoo, Kara with a K went out with me on the first run, and I really felt like I was out too fast, but I hung in there. When we hit the circuit, I don't know what happened but this is where the CrossFit Ninja in me took over. I blew through the thing so fast I don't know what the heck happened. Literally. Before I knew it, I was back in my sneaks and on my way out with Kara again. I'm not a fast runner, or a good sprint circuit person. I really was meant to be a pace car, well or a draft horse :P. But dressed in all black today with my two mismatched socks, something clicked. I was so sneaky, I snuck up on myself! I busted through rounds 2 and 3 and came in at 17:33. For me, that's pretty damned good. Now, compared to the rest of the folks, I suck at life, but 17:33 for me on a circuit that involves running? Dang! ;) I'll take it! You know... I'm so inspired, I think I'll end with a song. ;)

One of the reasons I love this video is cause it makes me laugh since the music and his mouth are totally out of sync! Ha!

When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt.~Henry J. Kaiser


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Socks? You wear socks? You match them? WOW - you need to come to a 6 a.m. class in Santa Cruz honey. You would fit right in! :) Actually anytime in SC. Great job on your workout!

Tanya said...

Screw the 5k! Time for you to sign up for the marathon...

ok jk...but seriously....wanna come to Chicago and do a 5K??? Mr. Mirek and I will get you through it!!

Katie said...

Kim, I've come up with a new idea... my trip to SC might be in the near but distant future. :P I ocassionally do wear socks, I prefer them to be matched so one is not halfway up my calf while the other is residing at my ankle. :P Thanks for the compliments though. :)

Tanya... per my other comment... only if you let me be a draft horse.... or my indy pace car. :)