Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What a day!

Lots of great stuff to post up today! My apologies in advance as there will be lots to read! :) But my first post goes out to some new visitors to my site. I noticed today that some PA folks dropped by my page. Woo hoo! For whoever is out in Mifflinburg reading my stuff, I think you out to know I am a local girl. And actually have a friend in Williamsport (works in Lewisburg) who is looking to start CrossFitting. Drop me a line and let me know how you found me, and if you know of any CrossFit stuff in the area. Are you doing it on your own? Wanna buddy?

For whoever is in Manheim, I have a similar story for you. Friend in Lebanon who is a rubgy player and who I am trying to convince to CrossFit and zone. He would benefit a lot. Are you doing CrossFit on your own? Or are there some affiliates in the area? BTW, I went to E-town. It's a small world after all.... ;)

For both, you can use my email me link on my page, or if you feel comfortable enough, feel free to post up to my comments. Let's bring CrossFit to central PA! :)

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