Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hump day...

So, I've never really been one to take the whole hump day thing to heart, but today it literally does feel like I'm getting over a hump. The workout this morning wasn't overly complicated, but I just felt, I don't know lethargic maybe? Maybe it was too many days away, maybe it's my lack of sleep this week, maybe it's my lack of squats for the last two weeks, who knows. But it just felt straight up slow. Not too bad, just slower than molasses in mid January in Minnesota. Here's the hump day fun.

WOD #1
Snatch X4 to each side, unless using a barbell then it's X8... I used a 35 lb barbell
Pushups X8
Squats X12
AMRAP in 10 minutes

WOD #2
10 Ring dips
20 Front squats
30 Wall ball situps
400 meter run
AMRAP in 25 minutes

Do we really need to talk about me and running again? Just straight up ugh! I hit three rounds. No land speed record here, but it was good to be back. Hip flexer is still a concern. Did the squats and front squats today for the first time in two weeks but really backed off. I was really afraid I was going to straight up tear it. Fear is the ultimate setback.

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