Friday, May 30, 2008

I think I have Neosporin in my hair... thanks CrossFit!

So... needless to say it's been a rough week on the hands. With the 120 chins on Tuesday, my hands took a beating, and still have not fully healed. Today's circuit and bar work pulled at them a little more and they are a bit tender. To help speed the healing process, I put Neosporin on them, but since the tears are in my palms (unusual I know) I can't keep bandaids on them. Well, as I was sitting here preparing all my final stuff (sub plans, flight confirmation etc) I couldn't figure out why my hair was kind of wet, but kind of greasy, and then I realized. Apparently, as I was playing with my hair throughout the day, I managed to get a good amount of Neosporin in it. Ah, well, at least I can be sure my hair is not getting infected... :P

But back to today's good CrossFit fun. We were sitting there this morning trying to figure out what was going to pop up today. I don't know why I do that though, because you know, I'm never ever right. Although, today I did say to Gar, "You know, we haven't done cleans all week, but I don't think we'll do cleans today since we did OHS yesterday." Well, little me had to go and open my mouth, cause guess what we did?! :P Clean and press. Woot! :) Here's what the fun looked like.

Form work with light loads
Working up to a moderate load of 5 reps

WOD "Crazy 8's"
8 Clean and press
8 Burpees
8 Chins
8 Dips

Jerry recommended 55 on the cleans, but my stupid ingenious self decided that was too light today and took the route of 65. The burpees felt awful, but then again, burpees NEVER feel good, so I'm not sure why I was expecting any different. I managed to grit out a few rounds of chins, hands and all, and unfortunately had to stop. I just couldn't. I could feel my skin sliding into another blister, and with Windy City tomorrow, I really don't want to tear it off completely. I'm stoked to head out with Jerry to Windy City, and I'm hoping that it's Fran so that he and I can throw down. Me obviously having the advantage since I'm pretty sure he'll be hungover..... now would be a great time to but out that 6 minute Fran I've been wanting to hit. ;) LOL. Yeah right! But anyway, it should be good. But I've got to make sure the hands can make it. So, I did 6 full rounds, then another 1 1/3 with no chins. The cleans felt pretty smooth, although I did royally bust up my collar bone on one of the cleans and I now have what looks like a beautiful hickey. Good thing I wore a V neck today so everyone could make some insinuations about my personal life at work! :P Love it.

All in all, not a bad day in the Blue Room. Speaking of the Blue Room. Jerry got new shirts. I paid for mine early so I can sport them in Chicago. Speaking of Chicago, holy crap I need to get a move on! Cara's picking me up and I'm totally nervous. I don't have all my stuff together yet. Gots to pack the carry on and get the incidentals. Need to stop at the ATM... come to think of it... why am I still typing!? Gots to jet!!! Hahahahaha... get it! JET... like a plane?!?! Oh I KILL ME.... I'll be back late Monday... look for updates early in the week next week... or Monday night if I can't contain my stories... :)

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Kurt T. Fuller said...

Katie -

How was CF Windy City? That's the city I LOVE (aside from StL. and my Cardinals! TO HELL WITH THE CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!) I hope you had an awesome time and made it to the Mag Mile.