Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jen-nay, I was run-ning....

Oh lord was I ever!! You know... I have got to hand it to Jerry. He is one sneaky little son of a gun. You know, you think he likes you, and then bam! He puts the circuit on the board, and you think to yourself, "I swear this man hates me." That's exactly how I felt yesterday. Honestly, since signing up for the 1/2 marathon, I've been doing a fair amount of running. I def need to increase the length, but I've been running a lot actually. So, running doesn't bother me that much anymore... but it bothers me when we do circuits and then run. That is still a swift kick to the pants.

So yesterday at zero dark thirty, I went outside to get in my car to head to CrossFit, and my first thought when I walked out the door was that, it's almost warm. Oh shit, we're running. And lo and behold, Jerry walked out the door and said, "hey guys, we're going to be outside today." Shit.... shit shit shit. My socks didn't match again! How can I run with mismatched socks?! Anyway... we took out some toys and headed out.

After a quick review of KB swings, really focusing on core tightness, Jerry let's us in on the circuit secret. So here's what today's fun looked like....

400M run
KB review
Wall ball review

WOD "I was run-ning"
50 KB Swings (36 lbs)
50 Wall ball (12 lbs)
800 M run
35 KB swings
35 Wall ball
800 M run
20 KB swings
20 Wall ball
800 M run

My total time for this was under 30 minutes. I'm not 100% sure of the time though. I think it was 29:21. All things considered? Not too shabby. I need to go back and review my KB swings though. I think my slow hips are really what is holding me back on these. I am gassed after about 16. I need to find a way to ramp these up because they are holding me back in any circuit than involves them. The key is faster hips. I just don't know how to make them faster. I think I may also still be muscling these too much and not allowing my hips to do the work. Another area where I can continue to improve.

I swear though, I felt like I was running my butt off and not going anywhere. KB swings paired with wall balls totally tore my quads up. I felt like lead weight. I swear, I was run-ning. Just not very fast. But, you know what. I made it. So that's what counts. I'll post up today's good news in a little while.... ;)


georgia said...

For the KB Swings - in addition to the quick hips and tight core, think about pulling the KB down instead of just letting gravity do it's job. Jerry mentioned this last week (week before?) in that row/kb/box/jumping pull/wallball circuit. It really helped speed thru the swings. It uses a lot of lats...but it becomes very clear, very quickly what a full body exercise kb swings are...legs, hips, abs, shoulders, back...pretty Awesome. Actually, Totally, Stinking Awesome. Awesome is my word of the day...can't. stop. saying. it. Awesome. :)

Way to finish that circuit BTW. You didn't look like you were in any pain when you least, not as much as usual after running circuits. Progress!

Katie said...

LOL. Awesome is a good word of the day to have. :) Thanks for the nice words. They are greatly appreciated. I was pretty gassed when I finished. I guess I'm just getting better at hiding it. :P

Jerry said...

dude...this looks like it SUCKED.

and yeah, ring dips are pretty much my kryptonite. that's why it took me like 7:00 to do the last 40.

Adrienne said...

Likewise, I was GASSED to the GASSED extent.. check the blog.

Katie said...

Jerry, it was pretty bad. I was gassed before I hit the runs, and when runs are recovery, that's one wicked circuit. You should give it a go... 3-2-1... ;)

Adrienne, I'm on my way over... ;)