Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A CrossFit gasser plus something I heart!

So, I bet you're wondering why I have a picture of Ziploc bags on my page. How about just 'cause? No? Not good enough? Alright, well fine, you're onto me. It's not just 'cause. Because they paid me a million dollars? Haha, good one. It's actually much simpler than that. I found something, I like it, and now I'm going to enlighten the world! :)

So there I am in my Safeway, doin' me some grocery shopping, when I happen down the baking aisle. I needed some more Gladware, which is a necessary staple for the Zone, and as I tossed it in my cart I saw a box with a big label that said NEW! So I took a gander, and discovered the Ziploc Steamer Bags. All you have to do (literally) is take one of these babies, pop some veggies in it, zip it shut, and throw it in the microwave. No water, no muss, no fuss! I'm not a big fan of the microwave, I prefer my oven or my grill, but I have to tell you, this worked. The veggies were perfect, and there was no messy steamer pot to clean at the end of everything. So for those of you who haven't been eating steamed veggies because you have no pot or steamer, don't waste your money. Get the steamer bags and steam your carbs! :) And for those of you who aren't Zoning yet, this is the perfect excuse for you to get started. Steamer bags for your veggies! Who knew? Now, you do! :)

Alright, enough of my new love affair with my veggie bags. How about today's workout huh? Oh Lord. It was worse than trying to go back last week after time off. I worked out Saturday and ran Sunday, but man, I felt so OFF this morning. I need to find a balance between my rest days and my workout days. Back to back rest days are not good. I get out of my groove and then feel all wierd. But anyway, here's what today's fun looked like:

15 minutes
L-sit chin work
Split snatch

Kettlebell swings
Box Jumps
Sit ups
One minute on each exercise
Clock doesn't stop until end of the round
Repeat for 4 rounds
Score 1 point per rep

Now, Jerry said not to be a hero, but I'm having a really hard time with the 45 pound bell, and so I decided I needed to get some practice in with it, and so I went 45 today. It was rough. I'm not sure why since I seem to have strong hips and shoulders, that this is such a difficult exercise for me, but I cringe everytime they come up in a workout. Jerry wanted us to go overhead with it, but I could only do a bit over eye level. The squats didn't feel too bad, although I am still being very conscious of my form. Jerry told me a few weeks back that I need to be careful with my squats because I'm coming up on my toes, so I'm still overthinking my air squats and my numbers weren't very high. The box jumps I was able to attack pretty well and aside for stubbing my toe, they felt pretty decent too. Sit-ups, ugh yes. I nailed my number at least each time, which is good, but man, I wish I had a six pack already. In total, my points were 401. I felt terrible. Leslie had over 100 more reps than I did. What a buzz killer. :( I'm sure 0645 smoked me today too. Bummer. Tomorrow is a new day though.

If God got you to it, he will get you through it.~Chuch sign on the way home


georgia said...

I love the Steamer bags too. Though, I don't just use mine for veggies. You can throw FROZEN meat/poultry in those suckers and zap away. Comes out succulent and juicy every time...unlike the Foreman that I find often dries out the outer layer of chicken when I throw a frozen slab on there. Oh, and for all you peeps organized enough to acutally defrost your meat properly for your families...I'm just not that organized yet. Maybe one day when I have a family? Anyway, it's something I compliment my mom on...her ability to take out meat every morning to defrost in time for dad to cook dinner in the evening.

RP said...

With swings, squats or anything where the heels need dug in, I always tell myself to "wiggle the toes". You can't wiggle them if you're rocking forward so it keeps you back. RP's thought for the day.

Jen said...

Katie, I don't have your email but wanted to make sure to invite you and or anyone you know who might be into it. I'm rented a picnic area in Rock Creek park to do a Kettlebell Trail run gig this Saturday. It's a five dollar cover just for my gas(hauling around KB's is a gas sucker) and trail marking time. It will be at 4pm at area 1 in Rock Creek.

Mr. Mirek said...

Hey, I thought we were supposed to be thinking GREEN! Tanya's probably frowning right now about the amount of plastic we are throwing away all for the sake of American ease. ;)

Katie said...

Georgia, I agree that the Forman tends to dry food out, especially if it's frozen in any way when you start. I love to use my real grill though and marinate my food and then throw it on outside. My favorite to make is grilled chicken with grilled peppers and onions, along with grilled yellow squash which is seasoned with EVOO (for those of you non Rachel Rayers or Food Networkers, that means Extra Virgin Olive Oil) black pepper, little salt, and thyme. Yummers! :)

RP, thanks for the tip! We were working a new move this morning and Jerry had me drop the weight (that one hurt) because my weight was forward on my toes again. I had to work PVC and get my squat form down again. FRUSTRATING!

Jen, I'd love to come but I work another job on the weekends! Grr... it's always interferring with my fun! I could use a KB workshop big time.

Mr. Mirek, you can REUSE the plastic bags. It is not a one and done, although if you wanted to be wasteful, I suppose you could pollute the Earth further by only using it one time. I can imagine though that they do have a limited life span.

Tanya, don't hate me because I'm sometimes lazy. :( I do still have my double steamer pot for the stove, which I do still use.

Tanya said...

As long as you reuse them...and recycle them when they are done. You gotta take care of the earth!