Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My room gets demolished, I miss CrossFit, I schedule a plane, I book a 5K, AND we have an earthquake!

Holy bananas! Did you read that title? I've been a busy girl! Ok, so I totally lost my mind the other day and registered for the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon and after I did that, I figured, what they hey! And I BOUGHT MY PLANE TICKET TO CHICAGO! This means that I'm finally going to fly for the first time, I'm finally going to get off the east coast, and I'm setting in motion my goal to hit an affiliate in every state! :) :) :) I'm looking into hitting an affiliate in Chicago on Saturday, May 31, before Sunday running in my very FIRST 5K WITH TANYA! Word! Another first! Mr. Mirek will not run. To this I say boo. :P I'm so stoked! The 5K course goes through part of a zoo! How fun is that?! I just hope that the monkeys do NOT throw poo. Although, Mr. Mirek has warned me that apparently flamingos smell. I can't verify this, so I will have to inform you all of the smell of flamingos when I return!

How exciting is all this? In two days I have managed to throw my life into a complete upheaval, but in a totally good way! I'm counting the days to Chicago (24 until I leave) and the Baltimore half marathon (157). Like I said, I'm nervous as all get out, but I'm also excited. I hope I have the gumption to get through.

On a side note, if I don't get in to train, I will have a hard time getting through the 5K or the 1/2. Why didn't I make it to CrossFit this morning? Well let me tell you about how some people are intellectually challenged. So, back in January, I saw all these big white boards sitting in our office at school. Now, my chalkboard didn't work (it wasn't magnetic, so they put metal over it and painted it with chalkboard paint, which then you couldn't actually write on) so I asked if they could just hang one of the white boards over the end of my chalkboard so at least I had something to write on. Well, they said sure and a few weeks ago county workers came to take a look at my board. Well, the metal they had installed OVER the existing board was bowing out and they coudn't attach the whiteboard over the metal. So then they said, "Hey wait! We have a 16 foot whiteboard in the warehouse. Do you want it?" Well, duh.

So yesterday they came to take my old chalkboard and install a new whiteboard. I was stoked. It was beautiful and we did math outside in the gazebo, everything was going swimmingly until we came inside and I saw the disaster. My chalkboard was apparently attached to the wall (which was the EXTERIOR of the building at one point) with CEMENT! They cemented my chalkboard to the wall! They therefore had to get out chisels and chisel all the cement off my wall. Did they cover anything in my room though before they did this? Hell no! This would include thousands of dollars worth of books, all my kids desks, thousands of dollars worth of technology equipment including my three desktops, laptop, smartboard, projector, LCD projector, listening center, tv, dvd, vcr, laserdisc player and countless other things. I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to clean my room with a sponge and paper towels. It was covered in 2 inches of white dust. I was fuming even though I LOVE the new whiteboard.

So this morning, I had to come in and rehang things, and reattach wires etc, so I was not able to CrossFit. This made me cranky. BUT then the day got even wierder. At about 130 we heard a loud boom. I thought thunder, but it was sunny. Believe it or not, there was an earthquake! It was centered about 5 miles from here. It was only a 1.8 but it was enough! How bizarre! I don't think we live anywhere near a fault line! (Nope... just checked... we don't.) Crazy! So anyway... all in all, it's been an eventful three days! Wowzers! The room is still not 100% clean, but it's presentable enough that I can deal. Now, I just need to get some work done so I can go home and run and catch up on a workout and eat me some fud! :) Ah... come on end of the year... keep coming!


Mr. Mirek said...

you eat "fud"? oh no, say it ain't so!

Katie said...

Fud is waay better than your average everyday ordinary plain old food you know..... ;)

Katie said...

And you know what else... I ENJOY it... ;)

Anonymous said...

Caught up

Katie said...

GAR!!! Yay!!!!!! :)

Kurt T. Fuller said...

To answer the question you posed on my blog: Empire Records! My favorite part is when they have the shoplifter and (can't remember character names) waits in the car and opens the door to lie the shoplifter out!

On another note, make TitanFit your affiliate stop in Indiana. We're relatively close to Chicago.

And you'll love that city.

Katie said...

Aw... see now, Kurt, you are correct! I knew there was a reason I liked you! :P LOL.

As for name's... Lucas is the one who wails Warren in the face with the car door... ;)

"My name's not f*cking Warren!!!!*
"His name's not Warren."
"His name's not Warren."
"His name's not Warren?"
"I thought his name was Warren!?"