Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am not a girly man.... I have some muscles... yah!

Ah yes... it's Thursday. Almost Friday. I rolled out of bed after another unusual night's sleep. I went home after work yesterday and sat down on the couch feeling very drowsy. I ate dinner and threw some laundry in (hence why yesterday I was wearing unmatched socks!) and I decided to watch tv in bed. Bad move. I was out like a light by 745. 745! No joke. I then, for the second night in a row, woke up around 1230. Luckily I was able to go back to bed, but that meant that I slept for about 10 hours. A little too much. So I woke up feeling a little wonky today. I contemplated just coming into work, but no, I sucked it up and headed for CrossFit.

Jerry decided to hit some deadlifts today. I've seen them cropping up in the WOD's a lot lately and wondered when we were going to hit them. Well, we were working up today, focusing mostly on form, but using some weights, and guess what!! I hit a new PR! I deadlifted 150X5 this morning. That's not a huge amount of weight. I mean, look at the main site and my weights pale to some of those women. But for me, that was pretty tight.

Our fun today looked like this.

Work up to a perfect 5 reps with a moderate load deadlift

10 rounds or 20 minutes
6 chins
9 push ups (rx'd)
12 snatches (25 lbs)

I have to say, the deadlifts today felt pretty good, and dare I say (I may regret this later) that I think that I actually could have gone heavier. I don't think that 150 is my true max. So maybe one day we'll see if it is. Hmmmm....

I was a little upset that I only managed to get through 8 rounds of our circuit today. I really wanted to finish the full 10, but this was a hard one for me. The snatches felt great, but I'm still dealing with the tear in the middle of my hand, so chins are mad hurtin' right now. Push ups are getting better for me, but they are still difficult. I think I did a pretty decent job today of getting through those though.

The snatches felt easy. I should have used 30 lbs. Jerry asked me partway through the circuit and I declined, but I should have gone for it. In truth, I don't think I'm still fully aware of what my strength level is. I remember doing snatches not too long ago and 20 was sufficient. But today, the 25 just felt light. I don't know. Maybe I have gotten that much stronger, but it just seems odd to me.

I was pretty stoked about the blue room work today... but then... I don't know... there's other stuff going on right now that just seems to negate all the good things... it's hard to keep perspective today.


Brad said...

One day, last year, I actually wore a burgundy penny loafer and a black wing tip by mistake. I was sitting at the teacher station in class teaching Algebra on the Elmo. I looked down and started cracking up. I had to show the class. The "Absent Minded Professor..."

Mr. Mirek said...

Perspective girl! Perspective! You'll get it!

Katie said...

I'm trying... I'm really trying... it just really hurts this time...

georgia said...

Brad - that's awesome. Made my day.
Katie - one week!

Anonymous said...

Brad - That's a great story! :)
Katie - You rock! I love the 10 hours of sleep. You are just saving up for all the fun you will have this summer. Yeah! We are almost there!

Splint Chesthair said...

Awesome workout. Deadlifting is weird, I always feel like I could do 5 more pounds, until I add it one and realize 5 pounds is really heavy.

One day last week I grabbed 2 different black shoes, my dark blue pants (wanted the black ones) and forgot underwear, a belt and my tie.

Katie said...

Guys, your stories are cracking me up... I needed that today! Thank you! :)

Katie said...

Brad, one day last year I actually wore one brown and one black sandal. I was trying to decide which to wear with the outfit and never really decided I guess. So, luckily, I had another pair of shoes stashed under my desk at work and I was able to wear them. I wondered why I felt off walking through the parking lot... :P

Katie said...

Thanks Kim. Wait for the photos/video of me in a weight vest this am... ah, yes... Jerry's birthday "presents". :P

Jerry said...

i admire anyone who can workout in the AM. i've tried it a few times and have alllllways dragged total ass when i workout early.

come to think of it, i drag ass in the PM too. dammit!

Katie said...

JB, I'm going to reiterate my former statement to you... Don't make me put a pretty pointed toe shoe up your backside. I don't call deadlifting over 300 lbs slacking so you just shush! :P