Friday, May 16, 2008

My apologies to Mr. Mirek, and CrossFit day #5 this week...

So, if you've been following along this week, I wrote this really nasty workout after Mr. Mirek made me angry the other day, and I entitled it "The Beating of a High School English Teacher".Since Mr. Mirek is such a strong, strapping man, he ponied up and said he would hit my workout. Well, he decided to hit it this morning and I arrived back in my classroom after a meeting this morning to this message:

Paul: can you rename that the homicide of an english teacher

Now, in all fairness, I did want to challenge him, and me because I intend to hit that at some point later, however, it was not my intent to murder him. Now also in all fairness, part of this was his own fault. Mr. Mirek was not 100% comfortable doing jumping slamballs since he had never done them before, and he wanted to sub. That's a smart athelte for you. However, he subbed his 25 jumping slamballs with 25 burpees. The slamballs in the circuit should only take 1-2 minutes. But the burpees, oh lord. 25 burpees takes me at least like 5! He told me that he only hit two rounds because he did not want to get in trouble for being late to work. So Mr. Mirek, my apologies to you for your epic this morning. I'll consider your debt to the Kult leader paid in full. I do want to ask though, is there any photographic evidence of the homicide? I'd be interested to see what my wrath can create. :)

Ah... poor Mr. Mirek. I demolished him. I feel bad. Almost as bad as I felt for me this am. My crazy self hit day 5 of straight CrossFit this week. And we've hit some doozies this week too. Woo! I'm feelin the burn today. In my quads mostly, but wow! What a week! Yesterday the front squats, Monday was the cleans, Tuesday was a metcon with the rower, Wednesday was "The Quickening". We've had a rough week. If it doesn't rain, I still think that I might try to hit Miami Vice tomorrow, probably in the Jungle's parking lot, but we'll see how that goes. I was watching an interesting interview that Allyson of The Black Box: CrossFit NYC had with Eva. She was asking about overtraing and Eva said that sometimes you have to be careful not to overtrain. She said to hit the WOD hard and then let CrossFit do its job. She also said you need to make sure you have quality recovery, which should be a no brainer to us, but we know, especially living in a crazy metro area like this, that jobs and schedules can be demanding and sometimes we don't get to bed when we should. I have been getting lots of rest (bed by 9... wow I know... I'm a crazy wild party girl) and I am seeing some good output. So hopefully that will just keep going. I don't feel like I'm overtraining, at least in Eva's definition of it. She said you'll want to cry, and it will be like everyday is the day right before your period. I love it. I think that's such a great analogy. Haha. I have never done a full 5 day CrossFit week and I'm feeling a little wonky. But hopefully things for me in the blue room will just keep going strong. Today's fun looked like this.

PVC work on "The Presses"
Strict-Push-Push Jerk
3 Perfect reps
Work up slow (55)

5 rounds for time
5 Burpees
10 Jumping slamball (12)
15 KB swings (35)

100 Sit-ups for time

*only for those not planning to come on Sunday

Keturah and I stopped at 55 today just because it was the smart thing to do. I'm very leery of strict presses now after the two stingers that I gave myself down my back and involved me not being able to really turn my head for two days. So we worked up smart and worked on my form for the strict, and the push jerk. We've never really done those, so it was good to see a new move come into play. We all know how much I enjoy throwing weights above my head, so I hope to see this again sometime. :)

My WOD I started off with a 10 lb slamball and realized that that was way to light when I threw it and it bounced halfway up my chest. Hmmmm... so I grabbed a 12 for the remaining rounds. The KB was the opposite. I tried to snap my hips and squeeze my glutes and tighten up my quads, and my body cried. After those insane front squats yesterday, my legs were fried. So I scaled back to 35 and did the remaining rounds. I think I finished this in 9:24. I'm not a good sprinter, but I always get it done, which makes me feel good. Jerry told people who weren't coming in on Sunday to get 100 situps in for time, and even though I will be there, I did them anyway. I hit 100 situps for time in 3:14. For no rest day this week, and all the hard work I've put in, I say this one's not too shabby. :)

I hope I get to do Miami Vice tomorrow and hurt myself... ;) Wow... that sounds so sadistic... LOL.

We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are.~Tobias Wolff


Mr. Mirek said...

apology accepted! it was actually a bit fun to do that torturous workout. funny you mentioned photographic evidence 'cause tanya said, "i wish i had a camera this morning so i had something to send katie." i'm actually relieved that she didn't have the camera 'cause by the time she walked in, i was smoked.

Katie said...

I'm totally heartbroken that she didn't! :( ;)

Tanya said...

Don't leave too many apologies. He likes to be worked hard. He better have gone and run that 5K today because he said he was going to after I left!

Katie said...

I told him to get off his arse and go run! :) He was complaining that he wanted to go home but I told him to suck it up. :) I'm so loving. :)