Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's the final countdown...

Doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.... IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! Sadly, you cannot hear my AMAZING Europe impersonation that I was just doing... it really was great. :) And yes, I really did post a picture of Europ on my blog. Ha! (C'mon, don't lie. I know you TOTALLY heart 80's music!) But for cereal, it is on. I'm counting the hours I have left until I get on that plane tomorrow. I'm uber excited! In a twist, Mr. Mirek decided not to join me at Windy City on Saturday, but J-Dawg (also known as J-2 so I don't get he and Jerry confused) will be joining me! How exciting! Then Georgia and I have a romantic dinner date planned on Saturday evening at Room 21, my 5K is on Sunday, and then after that, I'm all Tanyas... ;) She is going to show me the town. And I highly suspect probably get me intoxicated in the process. :) So... literally... we are in the final countdown. And I couldn't be more excited and nervous at the same time.

But, all that will get updated when I get back. Let's talk CrossFit! Today we worked on some OHS. We haven't hit these in awhile so it felt good to work those out today. We didn't work up heavy, but we were working hard on form. Here's what our fun looked like today.

Hallow rocks :15 on :10 off 6 rounds
OHS with PVS
OHS x10

WOD "A Quick Little Burner"
5 Jumping slamballs
10 Jumping pull ups
15 Sit ups

Originally Jerry said, 10 rounds for time, or 15 minutes. Well, then he said, holler after 1 round. So we did. Then he said holler after 5. We did. I hollered at 10 rounds (8:00) and he said, eh, just keep going. Can you get 15 rounds? GACK! I hate it when Jerry sneaks those in on me. So then I hollered after 15 rounds, and he said, just go the full 15 minutes. How many rounds can you do? Well, I hit 17 rounds, and there were 15 seconds left and I probably could've gotten 2/3 more of a round, but I was spent. I was clippin through that puppy this morning. And you all know, through prior reading experience, that I'm not a natural sprinter. I am more like a good hearty draft horse. I will keep working, but I will not move faster than my prescribed pace. :P Ah yes... Chicago tomorrow! WOOT! Have to get through CrossFit first though. I hope the hand holds up. It's lookin better, but it's still pretty ugly. As my sister would say... "Now it matches your face." :P


Kim said...

Katie! You must be so excited about your trip! Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself. I hope your hand is feeling much better!

Tami said...

"Now it matches your face."

Ooooooh. I'd throw a shoe at her if I were you. Maybe two, if you have them.

Nice workout, I'll have to add that to my file. I'm now a compulsive collector of CrossFit workouts.

Katie said...

Kim, I'm very excited. People keep asking if I'm afraid for the flight. No. Not afraid for the flight. I'm terrified of the airport though because I don't know where I'm going or what I'm doing. Once I'm through the airport, I'll feel much better. I'm sure I'll have lots of adventures to blog about when I get back! Tanya's going to be keeping me busy! But that's ok, her organized plan is way better than my "I'm going to roll up in Chicago and wander around" plan. LOL. I hope you're enjoying your chitlet free evening. Try not to have too much fun with your hubby... ;)

Tami... you've gotta understand...I am the youngest. It's my sister's job to tease/harass me and she does it all with love. She actually brought me my belated birthday card tonight and it actually said that her job was teasing me. It fit perfectly! As for the throwing shoes... bad idea. If she catches them... she'll take off with them. :P I'm glad you liked the workout today. Jerry is great at putting together his own workouts as opposed to always doing the WOD. Give it a go sometime! Hope you have as much fun as I did! :P

Brad said...

Oh my!

I was playing that song during finals! All the faculty on my hall were freaking out! I cracked up when I saw the pic.

Have a great time on the trip. I expect some pictures!