Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A deadlift PR and a whole day off...

It's been 12 days since I had a day all to myself, and I was going to go to the zoo today, but I honestly don't feel up for moving. Seriously. I have one ice pack on my shoulder, one on my wrist... I feel like a broken down jalopy! And seriously, I started this post 4 hours ago, and then fell asleep. Wow. I am one exciting girl let me tell you... :P There goes my idea to go to the zoo today! But I only got 4 hours of sleep last night because of the crappiness that was work, so I needed the added sleep. Seriously, we had no food runner last night or bus boy, so after all those freakin' squats yesterday, what happened? I wound up running about 50 some odd sets of stairs. My legs hurt so bad. And of course, since we were short staffed we got busy, and we had to put people on the third floor, which made more running. And of course since we were short staffed people took it out on me and tipped me like crap because food took awhile and because I wasn't be attentive. Well, it's hard to be attentive when you're doing the jobs of 3 people!!!!!! RAWR!!!! Seriously, I'm really starting to hate my job. And if you guys go to restaurants, please please please, don't ever take the faults of the kitchen or short staffing on the server. That's not fair. If they suck and screw everything up, that's one thing, but if they're generally pleasant and attentive, tip them accordingly. $15 on $130 is NOT accordingly, contrary to belief!!!! RAWR again! Ok, enough. I'll stop complaining.... but I was really mad last night.

Back to today.... well. I almost cried when Jerry posted today's workout. Deadlift work. My legs were still shakey from Sunday and from all the squats yesterday but as Jerry said, "That's what rest days are for, and if you come in, better be prepared to work." Well, very true. Should have slept and taken the rest day today. :P But, Jerry wanted us to work up to a heavy single today, so I did. I managed to PR at 195. That's the best I've ever pulled by over 45 pounds. That's quite a bit. But, at 185 and 195 I started to lose a little core tension. The round wasn't huge, it was realatively small, but still, it was there. So I didn't even try 200, but I'd like to hit over that. I think that'd be pretty sweet. I do need to change my grip though. A while back with the cleans, Jerry told me I should work on the hook grip when pulling heavy. The same is true with the deads, I need to change up my grip. I need to work the over/under. I pulled heavy today with just the over for both hands. That was hard. I had a rough time getting tension on the bar with the double over. Well after hitting the heavy deads, Jerry gave us a short conditioning circuit to work through. So, the fun today looked like this:

*20 minutes*
Work up to a heavy deadlife single

AMRAP in 20 minutes
15 wall ball sit-ups (12 lbs)
12 push ups
9 KB swings

I finished exactly 7 rounds of this. I don't know or understand though how it is possible for me to deadlift 200 lbs and STILL not be able to do push-ups. I feel seriously retarded. They really slowed me today. I was fine through the swings and wall balls I was actually flying but I would get to the push ups and each set was taking like 2 1/2-3 minutes. Talk about a ball buster. Eesh! :P Well, my proverbial balls, since I don't really have any. :P The good news is though that I've really focused in my energy on my KB swings and am now going overhead with the 45. That was hard for me for whatever reason. I think at one point today I did pick up the 50 put they look so much like the 45 I'm not really sure. Next time we do a low circuit with the 45 I'll look into the 52. :P Tehe...

After the circuit, I hung out and watched the 645 class go at it, and I'm going back to my previous statement from last week, the ladies of CFOT are strong and beautiful. In total, we had 4 women pull 195 today and we had 1 pull 185. You sure you want to mess with us? ;P After that, I played a little bit with the muscle up work. I was doing a few jumping ones and locking them out up top which felt cool, so now I need to work on the bottom part. Danny was really helping but I was pretty fried. The muscle up is probably about 3 months away. I suspect that the 30 chins is about another month away. Both are going to come, but they are going to take a little more time. I am feeling a little weak, so I need some more time. It will happen though. I have all the faith. :)

So no zoo today, but I'm maxin and relaxin. Very important today. :)


BlessedBy3JDCs said...

Hey Katie.. Great job on your PR!! Wohoo! Didn't get to read your whole post... but read about work.

Sorry it was so rough on you. I'm a server/bartender/shift manager. Some day's you have really crappy days.. and some good. Some awesome days. Hope the awesome days for you start becoming more frequent than the crappy days.

And yes I agree... please tip your server well even if you don't think he/she's being attentive. You don't know what's going on in the background... there at the work place or at home

Justa said...

Good job on the deads!

Keep working the pushups. You'll get them in time.

Jerry said...

solid PR!

and swings with 45lbs is no joke!

Katie said...

Thanks Homes! I'd love to get over 200 next time. I'm really going to try hard to rock the over/under grip! Maybe while I'm home this weekend I'll do some deads at the globo gym and try the mixed grip. That'll shock all the boys at the globo gym when I rip 200... ;) Ok I won't rip 200... maxing 2 times in one week is a bad idea... but it would be fun! :) hehehe...

Tami said...

Nice job! Don't you love hitting PR's? Even if the rest of the day totally sucks at least you can say to yourself "I lifted 200 pounds off the floor."

Actually, you could say that to the people who don't tip you. As they are leaving the table you can shake your fist at them and say "I lifted 200 pounds off the floor!" Come to think of it, maybe you should just say that on the inside. Saying it for real might be a good way to get fired.

Katie said...

Perhaps Tami it should be a threat as they sit down... ;)

Tami said...

Ha! Sure, to let them know just what you are capable of.

It would probably just confuse them. "She lifted 200 pounds off the floor? Is that the special?"

Katie said...

Hmmm... good point, maybe I should come up with a creative way to introduce myself to tables. Hi, I'm Helga and I throw the hammer.... ;)