Wednesday, July 16, 2008

When you're on... you're on...

And when you're not... you look like I did this morning. Slouchy and very tired, and somewhat cranky. One might even say for the first part of the day I had my cranky pants on (as shown above). My body was screaming for more sleep this morning, but I know that with the traveling this weekend I'm going to miss Sunday, and my run on Saturday, so I needed to get another workout in. I knew we would be working on HSPU's too, and I wanted to get some work in on those. But that was sort of a stupid thought since I was so sore from doing Grindy on Monday. Today definitely qualifies as a day that I get points in the good column cause I showed up.

In the fore front of my mind are all the goals that I have set for the 12 week challenge. Yesterday showed me that my strength has come further than I thought, but that I still have a lot of work to go if I want to meet those goals. I also need to get my butt in gear for this marathon. Yikes! With the traveling and the end of school, my running has been slacking. But yesterday's run too showed me that I'm still pretty good at holding a pace. Problem is, Jerry didn't want me to hold a pace. :P But I guess I'm just concerned that I'm not going to hit those goals in the 12 week time frame. I know that at some point they will come. That I'm not too worried about. But I'm worried that I won't meet them in the 12 week period, and then my teammates will suffer because of me.

I'm doing pretty well with the Zone goal. All meals have been dead on, or pretty close. Work is hard for me because I need to eat, but I can't control the ingredients, so I try to make do with the best I can. I usually order a salad with grilled chicken and use the dressing for my fat, or I order a grilled chicken sandwich with no bun, eat some cucumber salad, and a small side salad with dressing for fat and I'm pretty close. I even went out last night and ordered Fah Eata My Weeds, which was a salad with fajita stuff on top. I ate the greens and veggies and chicken and used a little sour cream on the stuff for fat. So, not perfect, but it was pretty darn close. The problem area for me has been, and I'm sure will continue to be, snacking in between meals. It's so hard to walk by the bin of chips at work and not eat any. Not to mention, people just keep having food around! There is always candy or something else just floating around the restaurant. It's definitely going to be a challenge.

I fear the Zone goal, almost more than the Fran or chins goal. I don't know why, but I do. But hopefully I'll be able to stay on track and keep working out hard and smart. I really think that's the key. This morning wasn't so smart on my part. I really should have backed off, but me and my lovely Irish/Scotch/German stubborness don't know how to do that sometimes. It gets me in trouble a bit. In truth, the workout this morning didn't take me THAT much longer than most, but it still felt pretty bad, and I'm sure I looked terrible. But here's what the fun looked like.

Buy In-
25 L-sit chins (or progression)
25 HSPUs (or progression)
Then, once you've bought in...
2 Rounds for time
25 Jumping lunges (W20 M30)
25 KB swings overhead (45)
25 Wall ball (12)
25 Box jumps (4 steps!)
25 Jumping pull-ups
25 Burpees (with clap)

Jerry told us to call time after we had finished the buy in because some people were really taking the time to work on the L-sits and HSPUs because they are a 12 week goal. I was just too sore to do those quickly so my first part took me 17:00. Then I jumped into the circuit. The KB swings felt pretty good. They have been a bear with the 45 in the recent past but today they went overhead with little problem. I had to break the set, which I wasn't happy about, but aside from that they were good. The burpees are what hurt me though. I just couldn't push through today. The push ups were excruciating. But, again, points cause I did them all. In total, the whole thing took me 42:55, which if you subtract the 17 initial minutes, means that I did the circuit in 25:55. So, that's not too shabby for 300 reps of work. I'll take it. Just wish it would have been faster.

I need a nap... and I smell again... so I'm going to shower and take a nap. I've earned it this week....


Justa said...

I eat six times a day, and by doing that I'm rarely really hungry, so it's easier to control cravings. There will always be food temptations. You just have to want results more than you want to give in. Big picture in mind always!

Good job pushing through that workout....even if it did make you smell!

Darcy D2 said...

not sure if I would want to buy into that WOD ;). I like the buy in concept I don't think we every did that.

Katie said...

Justa, I do eat 5 times a day. It's just that everything is always in my face. It's not that I'm hungry but it's the whole "see food want to eat it" idea. I do want results, and have seen them so far... just sometimes it's hard to be so danged good. It's also harder at certain times of the month if you are catching my drift. ;)

Darcy, why ever not? Why wouldn't you want to buy into that fun? ;)

Robin said...

Darcy, we've done a buy in on a couple of Saturday's. Makes it even more interesting!
Katie, I like the 300 reps, we're doing a 300 workout on Friday.

Kim said...

Its tough going to workout when you have your cranky pants on! I always remind myself I've never regretted going to CF, only regret the classes I miss.

Great job with the zone, and staying away from those bowls of goodies that always seem to be around! Keep up the great work!

The buy-in workout is crazy! Great job on that also!
~Kim B

Katie said...

Thanks Kim. I'm trying to hang tough but for whatever reason, maybe cause I'm female, this has just been a really hard week. I'll keep trying to soldier on! :P

Lars said...

Those pants seem like they itch a lot when you sweat?

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Those pants look like 70's swimming trunks I used to own.

I hope you've showered by now.

Katie said...

Lars, you'd be surprised at how little they actually itch... ;)

Steve, no worries. I had to work last night, so I've showered by now.... ;)