Monday, July 21, 2008

Thing I forgot from NYC:Part 1, plus NYC Parts 2 and 3...

Ok, so I forgot to mention in part 1 of my NYC trip details, that I also managed to hail a cab in NYC. For a minute, I felt so Carrie Bradshaw! :P LOL. I know that sounds like a joke to you guys, but if you know me well enough, you know and understand that I drive EVERYWHERE so taking a bus/train/hailing my own cab is actually a little bit special. It's sort of out of my comfort zone, which I realize in truth makes me a total retard. Ok, but here are some pictures from day 1 and my trip to the box.

I have to say that Day 1 in NYC was a lot of fun. The show and going to the box were great, but Day 2 was pretty cool too. My sister and I walked down into Soho and then into Chinatown, which was an experience all in itself. I have never been so thoroughly harassed in my entire life. Seriously, there were some seriously sketch people following us down the street telling us to come to their cars and buy Gucci handbags. It was a little bit entertaining at first, but by the time the fourth person followed me down the street, I got a little annoyed. After that, we walked back up the street to head to Lombardi's for some true New York Style pizza. It was quite good actually. Tanya, I'm sorry to say that I liked the New York pizza better than Chicago. :P After that we rested up for the big game... :) Oh that's right. The LA Galaxy VS. the New York Redbulls. Talk about delightful corporate sponsorship but whatever. The game was awesome! It was a really good game, and of course, even better since Mr. David Fairman, er, I mean Beckham was in town. When we get married he's going to take my name.... ;) The game wound up at 2-2 because LA scored in the 91st minutes. Freakin' stoppage time. Grrrr... After that we showered (again) because it was so stinkin' hot in NYC this weekend, and then hit the Telephone Bar for a late dinner. It was cool. I know you're all wondering why I don't have any drunken pics to share, but seriously, I didn't want another pic like the one Tanya got to take in Chicago. :P We did tailgate a little bit at the game, but I was sure to behave myself. :) Not to mention, the Zone doesn't allow you to drink a whole lot.

Since I had to travel back yesterday, we didn't have much on the agenda, but I got to meet up with Jeff and have brunch, which was tons of fun. He's a lot of fun to be around. I have also learned that Jeff apparently likes bacon. ;) After that my sis and I had some mani pedis before putting me back on the bus. Now, the only sucky part about this weekend was that on my way back yesterday, my computer, which is only 5 days old stopped working right. So I called Dell, and spent 3 hours on the phone with them only to have them tell me that I needed to reinstall my drivers. Are you kidding? On a brand new computer? They're getting that piece of crap back and I'm not paying a cent until they fix it. Jerks. Anyway, New York was fun, but it's nice to be back. There's a vid of me from this morning during the workout, and I'll be sure to blog about it when Jerry gets it up so I can steal it. :)


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Your photo's are great! You look in fine shape too.

Amazing to see a MLS game, the stadium looks huge. Is football popular yet over there?

Justa said...


I don't know if they worked you hard enough during those workouts! You're smiling entirely too much for that! :)

It looks like you had a lot of fun! Telephone bar? It's been ages since I've been down there.

That's the second person I know who had a problem with their new Dell this weekend. Theirs was a memory chip. Seems to act up with Vista, or so Dell says. Good luck getting it corrected.

And...are we all going to be invited to the nuptials? Are you going to serve NY Pizza?

And Wigan, football is very popular. Soccer...not so much....though it is growing a bit. ;)

Katie said...

Thanks Steve. I'm working on it. Not sure I'll ever be 100% "satisfied". You know how we CrossFitters are... ;)

Their stadium is huge because they play in the same stadium that the NY Giants (an American Football team) play in. Usually for soccer games they only sell lower mezanine seats, but since Beckham was in town, they sold out the second tier too. It was sort of annoying that they were only there to see Beckham, but hey, if it gets them interested in the sport, why not? Football is not as big as American Football or baseball, but it is growing in popularity. DC United is one of the better teams, and I have yet to get to see a game! I'm going to have to rectify this!! And soon! :)

Justa, I was furious with Dell. I called today and was not very pleasant. After having to call them about 2 separate issues, I had had it. They are sending me a new computer and prepaid labels to send the other one back via DHL. It should be here within a week, so that should hopefully be taken care of. But it was just annoying, because I was going to watch movies on the way back. Total annoyance and bummer.

As for me smiling, it may have been lack of sleep, and also Keith. He is such a fun guy to be around! Plus I was just excited to be in New York. :) As for the nuptials, I will have a huge party, the likes of which have never been seen... ;)

Lars said...

Well, you have Dell, then you have Vista, it's a bit like being infected with Malaria and Tuberculosis at the same time.

Justa, it ain't football if you use your hands :)

Katie said...

Lars that's not a very encouraging combo.... :(

Tanya said...

We pulled out that pic of you on John's phone last week and laughed at it again. Good times!!!

Tanya said...

Oh! and also that chick that was dancing with her cup and the fence. Remember that??

Katie said...

LOL! Oh my God I can't believe you haven't deleted those pictures yet! Good Lord! :)

Dude, that girl was waaaaay drunker than I was... at least for part of the afternoon... ;)